ChargeMap aims to improve the service quality of charging stations and announces a new tool for charging networks

As Europe’s leading platform, ChargeMap is committed to improving the service quality of charging stations as part of its core strategy, and announces a new online tool designed for managers of charging networks.

Since 2011, ChargeMap has been supporting electric car drivers by helping them to recharge more easily on public charging stations. Each month, thousands of reviews and check-ins are posted by ChargeMap’s community of almost 130,000 users.

This information helps to provide greater insight into the problems and issues experienced by electric car drivers when using charging stations.

“Check-in” is a feature that allows users of ChargeMap’s mobile app to indicate that they are located near a charging station and to report whether or not they are able to charge their car.

ChargeMap is committed to enhancing the service quality of charging stations and is announcing the availability of a tool that will enable managers of charging networks to use ChargeMap’s data to make improvements to their services.

Using a new software solution, named Cloud for Networks, charging networks will now be able to:

  • View all user feedbacks and comments posted daily about their network;
  • Respond to any users who have reported a charging problem;
  • Receive instant email notifications whenever a new comment is posted;
  • Browse the list of charging stations reported as ‘Out of service’ by the community.

Partner networks of ChargeMap Pass (ChargeMap’s access and payment solution) will also be able to view all transactions performed on their infrastructure by ChargeMap Pass customers.

Obviously – and most importantly – all data provided to these charging networks will be anonymised to protect the privacy of ChargeMap users.

Any charging networks interested in using this tool (currently available as a beta version) are invited to contact ChargeMap directly.

With this new system, electric car drivers who post comments or check-ins on ChargeMap will contribute directly to improving the service quality of charging stations.

Networks that opt to use the Cloud for Networks service will be able to take advantage of valuable user feedback to enhance the efficiency of their maintenance operations. This feedback from the ground will help identify specific problems that cannot always be detected or reported by the charging networks’ supervision systems (e.g. broken connectors, overstaying vehicles, and unreadable displays.)

To promote European operators that invest in the quality of their charging network, ChargeMap plans to release a ranking of the top-performing networks in each country by the end of this year. This ranking will be based on the ratings given by electric car drivers.

Widespread adoption of electric vehicles can only become a reality once recharging stations prove reliable. As Europe’s leading charging infrastructure locator, ChargeMap believes it has a responsibility to help improve the charging experience for EV drivers.

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