Chargemap Pass - new networks and direct connection to GreenFlux

To welcome in 2022, we have some great news for our Chargemap Pass card users that will make charging even easier. We are proud to announce that Chargemap is now directly connected to the GreenFlux platform. This collaboration represents over 11,000 charge points throughout Europe. And that’s not all! Three other charging networks are now compatible with the Chargemap charging card. That’s what we call a Happy New Year 🎉


GreenFlux: 11,000 charging points directly connected up 

As with the networks EVBox, Total Energies and Freshmile, direct connection to GreenFlux means our charging service has just been upgraded overall when you use the Chargemap Pass

What is GreenFlux?

GreenFlux is a Netherlands-based platform for charge point operators dedicated to delivering smart, scalable and secure solutions that empower the e-mobility market. In other words, “Charge point operators leverage the GreenFlux EV charging platform to intelligently operate and grow their charging networks, explains Rutger Plantenga, Chief Product Officer at GreenFlux.

What does this direct connection mean?

If you are not familiar with the name GreenFlux, it’s because they are not a charging station network. In fact, this collaboration means that Chargemap’s services will be linked up with various charge point operators that use GreenFlux’s software and roaming services.

“The direct connection with Chargemap provides our roaming-as-a-service customers with a cost-effective means to increase station utilisation by attracting a wider pool of drivers to charge at their stations and deliver a richer experience for more EV drivers,” sums up Plantenga.

The main advantage inherent in this direct link is the vast improvement in communication between GreenFlux and Chargemap. Therefore, the quality of the data posted up on Chargemap is greatly enhanced. Indeed, as soon as the slightest change is made or new charging stations are added, the data on Chargemap is instantly updated.  

Which networks are involved?

At the end of the day, it is not just one, but seven networks that are now connected up directly to Chargemap via GreenFlux:

  • TotalEnergies NL
  • Power Dot (including in France, Poland and Spain)
  • Volvo
  • Joulz
  • Equans
  • Park n Charge

Overall, this represents 11,059 charge points located in the Netherlands (10,484), Belgium (478), France (76), Spain (10), Italy (9) and the UK (2).

New networks compatible with the Chargemap Pass

This month, our team has also linked up with three new charging networks in France. You can therefore use your Chargemap charging card to top up your EV at:  

🇫🇷 Prise de Nice: 308 charge points
🇫🇷 SGA Automation: 30 charge points 
🇫🇷 Sarthe IRVE: 13 charge points 

We hope that this good news cheers you up as much as it does us! We wish you happy charging with the Chargemap Pass ⚡️

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G Bennett
G Bennett
21 May 2022 15 h 09 min

Theer are now 7 new charging points near Morrisons supermarket in Carteton Oxfordshire, UK.

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