View of the new Chargemap Plus filter to hide out of service charging stations

Chargemap Plus: Hide out-of-order charging pools

As promised, the Chargemap Plus offer will expand with new features over time. Let us introduce you to a brand new advanced filter that will help you see more clearly in your search for charging stations.


Recap of Chargemap Plus features

Chargemap Plus is a premium subscription offered by Chargemap since March 2020. 

Available on mobile and tablet, subscribing to Chargemap Plus means:

  • Accessing advanced features such as the ability to filter your search by charging networks, by scores or by nearby services (restaurants, shops, toilets etc.).
  • Browsing through the app ad-free 
  • Supporting an independent company and allowing the Chargemap team to continuously improve its services

Learn more about Chargemap Plus.

Let’s take a closer look at the new filter

The Chargemap map already allows you to visually distinguish the out-of-order charging pools thanks to the grey icon crossed out with a red line.

The new Chargemap Plus filter further refines your search by displaying only charging pools marked “in use”. This feature is very useful when you are often on the road, especially in combination with the Chargemap route planner. The display of available stations along your route becomes much clearer by reducing the number of icons displayed on the map.

Example of use of the new Chargemap Plus filter when combined with the charging power filter in the route planner tool
Combination of the filter “Hide out of order charging points” with the power filter for a clearer view of your route

It can also happen that the stations of a network are entirely or partially deactivated. With a single gesture, you can remove them from the map until they are operational again.

Example of use of the new Chargemap Plus filter to hide out of service stations in Paris
Example in Paris: before/after activating the filter “Hide out of order charging points”

How to enjoy the new feature?

For Chargemap Plus subscribers, you don’t have to do anything more than update your application.

For those who want to upgrade to the premium version, simply open your updated Chargemap mobile app and subscribe directly from the “Account” tab.

Until next update, have a nice trip with Chargemap! ✌️

And if you haven’t done it yet,

Download the Chargemap app

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