Goodbye 2018! Roll on 2019!

All the team at Chargemap wish you a year brimming with positive energy for 2019! Now is the ideal moment to take a quick look back and check out our track record together in 2018. And reveal our roadmap for 2019.


A year of innovation

2018 was a great year for Chargemap and our community – breaking through the symbolic ceiling of 200,000 registered users in autumn 2018! 🎉


Double the number of compatible charging stations

Last year, Chargemap Pass launched its European campaign by signing up with key European hubs such as Hubject. This means that for the very first time, we are reaching out to networks in Austria, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and Switzerland, and even the Czech Republic.

From 2017 to 2018, the number of compatible charging stations more than doubled!


A new website

About a year ago, we completely revamped the design of our Chargemap website, with the aim of highlighting our new products and making it easier for you to consult our services and practical information.


Umpteen changes for the mobile app

With hundreds of bugs corrected and optimisations integrated, 2018 was also the year the Chargemap mobile app came of age with a whole gamut of updates brought in throughout the year. The most significant were no doubt the new form for editing charging pools, favourite charging stations, the quick connection via Google or Facebook and the new check-in form.


Corporate services

2018 also marked the arrival of products and services dedicated to businesses. Chargemap Fleet makes it easier for fleet supervisors to manage their staff’s charging requirements. The Chargemap Operator hub opens up a two-way link between Chargemap users and charging pool operators. This means operators can monitor and enhance the quality of their network more efficiently.

We firmly believe that bringing businesses on board will play a key role in getting as many users as possible to go electric!


A consolidated team

New members embarked on the Chargemap adventure in 2018 to consolidate Chargemap’s technical team (hi to Franck, Mathieu and Nicolas 👋).


A staunch customer service

Our customer support service at Chargemap had their hands full in 2018. By your side on the front line day after day to help you cope with all the charging issues you face, the team led by Laetitia, Djémila and Joëlle, (backed by Mélanie and Nicolas), dealt with an impressive 20,000 messages – mainly requests for assistance and information.

Your own contributions also pass through the expert hands of our support team. They are essential to enhance and update the data for the Chargemap community on a daily basis. In 2018, the team processed around 627,000 contributions, i.e. more than 1,700 per day 💪!

Finally, our support hotline helped thousands of Chargemap Pass users to get to grip with charging, dealing with over 3,000 calls last year.


The 2019 Roadmap

Here’s a quick summary of the aims set by our Chargemap team for the coming year:


  • To continue expanding the compatibility of new networks with Chargemap Pass and enhance our footprint in other countries;
  • To provide you with more detailed, practical route planning (yes, yes, it’s really happening 😉) ;
  • To continue developing the Chargemap app, matching your expectations as closely as possible.


To finish, we would like to thank you.

Thank you for expressing your support – which does a world of good to our team and boosts our motivation. Thank you also for your constructive criticism, which has helped us move forward throughout the year 2018. And above all, thank you for your trust – that’s what inspires us to do our utmost to facilitate your charging experience every day.

Have a safe journey with Chargemap. Goodbye 2018! Roll on 2019!

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26 January 2019 10 h 25 min

Nice work Chargemap! After 4 years in my EV you are still my most important app to find chargers in Europe.
Keep up the work!

Chargemap Assistance
Chargemap Assistance
26 January 2019 15 h 14 min
Reply to  W282

Thank you! ❤️

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