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Increase of the roaming prices for the Corri-door network

From the 1st September 2017, there will be an increase in the prices ChargeMap users pay when using the Corri-door network in roaming. The following provides some explanation about this increase and ChargeMap’s position on the matter.

The Corri-door network, the first fast charging network located along the highways of France, is a network that ChargeMap Pass users value. It enables recharging at any of almost 200 standardised charging points installed across the country. The network is financed by Sodetrel as well as by the European Union and a number of car manufacturers (Renault, Nissan, BMW and Volkswagen).

From the 1st September, Sodetrel is increasing the rates it charges for access to this network for all mobility operators, including, as a consequence, ChargeMap Pass customers.

The price charged to roaming users for five minutes of recharging on the Corri-door network will be increased from €1.10 incl. taxes to €1.32 incl. taxes on the 1st September 2017. As a reminder, ChargeMap does not deduct any commission from these amounts.

According to information provided by Sodetrel, all mobility providers will have this new rate applied to them, with the exception of the car manufacturers involved in financing the network.

Though it is understandable that managing a network like Corri-door involves costs and a need for revenue to cover them, ChargeMap finds it regrettable that through this price increase, Sodetrel is charging mobility providers (and therefore their customers) at a rate 32% higher than that charged to private individuals who use the network without a subscription.

In fact, recharging without a subscription on the Corri-door network is charged at €1 per five-minute block via Sodetrel’s Paynow service, whilst operators such as ChargeMap (and therefore their customers) will now have to pay €1.32 per five minutes. That is 32% more expensive than the non-subscription public rate offered by Sodetrel.

This increase, targeted at roaming users, is very difficult to accept and seems to us to be detrimental to both the consumer and to the emergence of new services such as ChargeMap Pass.

We felt it important to let our thousands of ChargeMap Pass customers know about this, and in a completely honest and transparent manner.

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