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Ionity Network, Benelux, Netherlands and other breakthroughs for the Chargemap Pass in Europe

2019 has started with a bang for the Chargemap Pass. Our multi-network charging badge is flying high, extending compatibility to more than 12,600 additional charging stations located mainly in Northern and Western Europe via key hubs such as the Ionity network.


Ionity – the topliner in high-power charging networks

A moment much awaited by Chargemap customers and EV drivers across Europe – the Ionity network is now open to Chargemap Pass holders 🎉.

With plans to extend its network throughout Europe, super-fast charging speeds with Combo CCS or CHAdeMo of between 150 and 350 kW 🤩, four to eight charging bays per charging pool and a simple pricing system, this network has got what it takes to attract long-distance drivers. It is also a reflection of what the future of charging holds for us.

The height of perfection was finally reached when it became compatible with the Chargemap Pass. A brilliant move for us all! 😉


See compatible Ionity charging pools


The Chargemap Pass is gaining a strong foothold in Northern and Western Europe


Belgium and Luxembourg

What with the Allego BE network (2,200 charging stations), mostly located in the Flemish region, and the New Motion network, Chargemap is making great inroads into this region and now offers compatibility covering most of Belgium.

Chargemap is also extending its outreach in Luxembourg, including new charging stations opening up to the sky-blue badge on the Allego BE and Chargy networks.



The Allego Netherlands network is also opening its doors to the Chargemap Pass. Together with its partnership with the New Motion network, the Netherlands now boasts a total of over 14,000 charging stations compatible with Chargemap.



Chargemap is significantly extending its footprint of compatible charging stations in Germany. There is now a total of over 12,000 charging stations that accept the Chargemap Pass.



Compatible charging stations have continued to spring up throughout Denmark via the Clever network.


Other countries on the map

The latest partnerships with large-scale networks such as New Motion, Has To Be and Last Mile Solutions, mean that Chargemap has considerably padded out its web of compatible charging stations in Austria, Britain, Italy, France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Sweden.


Simply log onto the Chargemap map to discover the whole range of new compatible charging stations! Don’t forget to activate the “Chargemap Pass compatible” filter 😉


“Small” networks also in the spotlight

Size isn’t everything. The proximity of charging pools along your daily routes is just as important – if not more so. Chargemap hasn’t forgotten the charging pools located near you and has greatly increased the number of compatible public and independent charging stations – even if they don’t get the same media coverage as Ionity and co.

Take a look at the Chargemap map in your vicinity. Your local and regional networks could well be compatible by now.


So, if you no longer have any valid excuses to delay, order your Chargemap Pass straight away!

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