Launch of ChargeMap Pass and editing of charging stations

For a certain amount of time now, it has no longer been possible for members of the community to edit particular charging stations. The following explains the reasons behind this recent change to ChargeMap, which is designed to prepare the way for the introduction of ChargeMap Pass.

As we recently reported to you, ChargeMap is about to launch its own electric mobility service, complete with a RFID card for accessing charging stations. In fact, some of you have already noticed that ChargeMap Pass is now included in the list of RFID cards usable at certain charging stations.

Full details about ChargeMap Pass will be revealed on June 12th, from which date it will also be possible to place orders. So please bear with us just a little while more!

It is no longer going to be possible for members of the ChargeMap community to edit ChargeMap Pass accessible charging stations. The reason being that the information relating to them is now automatically provided to us by our charging partners (real-time charging point status information included). Nevertheless, it still remains possible to leave reviews/photos and perform check-ins, and it is important to continue doing so.

ChargeMap will henceforth distinguish between “community managed” and “supervised” charging stations. This distinction will be much more obvious in the brand new versions of the mobile apps due to be launched shortly, and as a result of the modifications we are preparing to make to the ChargeMap website.

As you have now no doubt realised, there are a lot of changes to come over the next few weeks. The entire ChargeMap team is working hard to deliver the mission that has guided the company since 2011: make recharging easier for you and enable you to enjoy your electric car with complete peace of mind!

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Brian Fish
Brian Fish
11 June 2017 15 h 04 min

I look forward with great interest to what you can provide. Everyone knows that the current situation is untenable. It still seems to me that the simplest and most logical ‘card’ to use would be our credit/debit cards

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