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Welcome to Chargemap Plus!

We recently mentioned that new services are on their way in. And here is the first one: Chargemap Plus. A premium subscription offer providing access to advanced filters, ad-free browsing and support for Chargemap. Let’s see what it’s all about.

What is Chargemap Plus?

Chargemap Plus is a premium subscription offer for Chargemap mobile app users. When you subscribe to this service, you can access innovative features while contributing to the development of brand-new Chargemap services and features.

Unlock advanced features

Adding new advanced filters is the biggest innovation our team has been actively working on over the past few weeks. They mean you can customise your searches so that you can find the charging station most adapted to your needs.

Chargemap Plus enables you to filter what is displayed on the map:

  • by network: this feature means you can exclude networks that you want to avoid or, on the contrary, only display your preferences. This is particularly useful if you know in advance that certain networks don’t match your requirements.

  • by the rating given to charging stations: the comments made by the Community give a good indication of the reliability of each charging station or network. This feature can, for example, just show charging stations that have clocked up a good score of 4 stars or more.

  • by conveniences and nearby services: if you are interested in the services located near the charging stations, you’re going to love this filter! You can now set the search filter so that only charging stations close to shops or restaurants are displayed, or near public WCs or play areas for your kids.

Browse through the app ad-free

Say goodbye to adverts when you sign up for Chargemap Plus!
As an independent business, Chargemap depends on advertising on the free app to stand by its commitments – i.e. making the charging experience easy and accessible for as many people as possible. By opting for a premium account, you are free to surf the app without any external advertising.

Support our mission at Chargemap

When you subscribe to Chargemap Plus, you’re not only helping Chargemap to continue improving existing services, but also to finance the development of helpful new features for EV drivers.

When you subscribe to Chargemap Plus, you’re also supporting our team – including our Chargemap moderators who process the Community’s contributions. It’s thanks to their efficiency at work that the information on the app is so reliable and that our team can act fast should any problem arise.

How much does the Chargemap Plus subscription cost?

Two options are available:

  • Our economy offerannual subscription for €35.99, i.e. €2.99 per month.
    This offer is ideal if you use your Chargemap Pass on a regular basis when you’re on the road.
  • Our commitment-free offer: monthly subscription for €5.99.
    We have devised this offer for drivers who mainly use the Chargemap Pass when they’re on holiday and/or for occasional trips. Taking out a subscription for one month is perfect if you only want to access the advanced features when you really need them most. It’s also an excellent opportunity to test our offer without committing yourself long term.

How to subscribe to Chargemap Plus?

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of your Chargemap mobile application.
  2. Launch the app and go to “My Account“.
  3. Look for the Chargemap Plus insert and tap on the “Subscribe to Chargemap Plus” button.

Bear in mind that Chargemap Plus is going to expand to include new services. Our aim is to develop our products taking customer feedback into account so that they dovetail your needs perfectly.

Our first offer for a paying subscription does not mean that developments on the free access will stop there. We will be revealing the new developments open to everyone in the very near future. 😉 Stay posted!

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Victor Wood
Victor Wood
27 March 2020 19 h 29 min

Calling a standard feature on most websites an innovative feature is a bit poor.

Needless to say I won’t take a subscription on something I can get free elsewhere.

A real backward step v

Jakub Bialek
Jakub Bialek
27 March 2020 21 h 26 min

So you ripped off the features from the previous free version and put it under subscription… Bravo :/ I will not pay for something that was previously for free.

27 March 2020 21 h 28 min

Sadly a step backwards; there’s lid of things you could have done but asking payment for things that’s free available; this app has been deleted from my phone. I’ll just use Google ffs or actually wait until Waze(!) incorporates this good.

Borut Krajnc
Borut Krajnc
28 March 2020 6 h 43 min

Your app is great, thank you for your work! New features are really not a big breaktrough, but I will try out the mounthly subscription just to give you my support. Keep on!

Olivier – Chargemap
Olivier – Chargemap
31 March 2020 10 h 19 min
Reply to  Borut Krajnc

Hi Borat, thanks a lot for your support! The team is working hard to enrich our offer. Stay tuned!

H van Raam
H van Raam
21 August 2020 19 h 17 min

Graag alles in het Nederlands ik ben namelijk 89
dus een Oorlogs kind geen Engels kunnen leren

Tony Ah Munn
Tony Ah Munn
23 October 2020 18 h 51 min

Ik zou het heel hard op prijs stellen als deze website in het Nederlands te lezen en te gebruiken is.

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