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5 essential advices to peacefully go on holidays with your electric vehicle

With the raise of vehicles autonomy and a mesh of charging stations which has been considerably expanded, more and more drivers are considering to go on holidays with their electric vehicle. Here are our advices for successful journeys!

1. Prefer rapid or accelerated charging stations

To reduce your travelling time, you have to limit the charging time of your electric vehicle. For this, prefer rapid or accelerated charging stations according to your vehicle capabilities.

As far as possible, avoid using rapid charging stations if your vehicle is not able to charge the maximum delivered power.

For example, with your ZOE which has not rapid charger or your Tesla, you will only be able to charge 22 kW on a Type 2 plug of a rapid charging station which deliver 43 kW. Then, you will obstruct a charging station which could be more useful to another driver and risk to have some surprises if tariffs are carried out on time spent.

To find rapid or accelerated charging stations along your itinerary, you can use the right filter on Chargemap website or the mobile app.

2. Check the procedures for access to charging stations

To arrive to an adapted charging station is good, to be able to charge is even better! For this, it is imperative to check the access schedules if this is not a public charging station.

Other important point to verify: allowed access facilities on the charging station. If a majority of public charging stations in France are compatible with the Chargemap Pass, there are other charging stations which require a specific badge or a subscription.

It is actually the case in foreign countries, where you will have to ensure to dispose of the adapted badge. Otherwise, it is often possible to start charging via your smartphone and an adapted internet connection.

An important point: if the charging can be launched via a surcharged text message, know that it is not working outside your home country! The better is to anticipate than to have to buy a SIM card in the country just to launch your charging…

Chargemap is currently activating charging networks outside France, the Chargemap Pass then remain your essential companion for your journey.

3. Prepare yourself for unexpected events

A successful long journey in electric vehicle is due to its preparation. It is necessary to anticipate as much as possible bad surprises (already occupied or out of order charging stations…).

For this, plan as much as possible stops on charging areas equipped with several stations. There are still too uncommon, but it allows to avoid risks. Do not hesitate to take a look to other available charging stations located near your charging leg.

Then again, the mobile app and Chargemap website will be essential to prepare your route.

Always plan to arrive with a battery level at least at 20% in order to ward every kind of charging difficulty off once you will be there.

4. Take care of your vehicle consumption

Avoid as much as possible everything which will modify the aerodynamism of your vehicle, and in particular roof boxes which can increase your consumption by 15 to 30% more on your route!

Even if the impact on autonomy is minor, be attentive to the weight of your vehicle with your luggages inside. A heavy vehicle is always consuming more.

Throughout your journey, if you feel a little bit short between two charging legs, you can choose to reduce your speed on highway to consume less. From 130 km/h to 110 km/h there is a considerable incidence on your vehicle consumption.

5. Choose an equipped place with charging stations

Once at your destination, there is no doubt that you will want to enjoy your electric vehicle there! For more comfort, focus on a guest house, an hotel or even a camping equipped with charging plugs.

Chargemap website allows you to filter by type of place to only find hotel and campings equipped. If you choose to stay in a camping, you will not have any trouble to find a plug in the majority of cases.

An adaptor “camping plug” can be necessary, you can still find some on the Automobile Propre store if you do not have one yet.

To conclude

With a little bit of preparation, it is now possible to go on holidays with your electric vehicle. It even allows to have breaks in nice places to charge and differently enjoy your trip.

If you choose an electric vehicle for your holidays, think about contributing on Chargemap to help other users by publishing pictures, comments and any useful information on charging stations!

You would have understood it, Chargemap and its community are on your side to optimise your holidays trips. If you have not done it yet, download for free the mobile app and order your Chargemap Pass!

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