Belib and 11 new charging networks now available with ChargeMap Pass

The past few weeks have been very productive for the ChargeMap team. We have activated new French charging networks including the eagerly anticipated Belib!

Electric car drivers who visit Paris will be pleased to know that the ChargeMap Pass is now officially accepted on the Belib network, the french capital’s major network.

We have not forgotten the rest of France. We have activated a wide range of networks in different departments:

Thanks to all of our partners involved in activating these networks and, in particular, to the energy syndicate leadership teams who helped us in the testing phase.

You can locate all of the new charging points that are compatible with the Pass in the ChargeMap app, using the filter designed for this (more information).

Further charging networks will be activated in the coming weeks.  If you haven’t got your ChargeMap Pass yet, now is a good time to order one!

Order your ChargeMap Pass now

See the full list of networks that are compatible with ChargeMap Pass

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