ChargeMap is getting ready to launch its charging-point access system

ChargeMap will launch its electric mobility offer in the next few weeks, making it much easier for its community of 100,000 users to access charging infrastructures.

For a long time, our users have been asking for a single mobility offer and a single app giving them access to all charging points, regardless of the network. We decided to take up this challenge!

In the coming weeks, you’ll be able to set up payments in your ChargeMap account and order your RFID access badge. Initially, this badge will give you access to about twenty charging networks in France, both public and private. Other European charging networks will be added shortly.

The mobile app will be enhanced with new features for members who have activated their badge. For example, it will highlight charging points compatible with the ChargeMap access system, show real-time availability of charging points, monitor consumption, and allow you to start a charging session from your smartphone.

Electric car drivers who opt to charge their vehicles with ChargeMap will benefit from the high-quality user assistance and support that have built the company’s reputation.

This new electric mobility offer will be subscription-free and commitment-free to encourage its adoption by the community of electric car drivers.

Rather than being ‘just another access badge’, we aim to be the solution that makes life easier for electric car drivers, as we already have done for the past six years by mapping charging points in Europe.

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