Chargemap Pass is extending its coverage into Europe

Since its launch in June 2017, several thousand electric car drivers have already adopted the Chargemap Pass. At the moment, compatible stations are only available in France but this coverage will gradually extend to Europe in 2018.

A few months after the launch of the Chargemap Pass for France, the demand for European coverage is growing. To meet this need, Chargemap has signed an agreement to integrate Hubject’s intercharge network.

Following this agreement, the Chargemap Pass will work on many networks in Europe, including Germany, Belgium and Switzerland. Pass customers should be able to gradually benefit from this extended coverage by the end of February 2018.

Operators who want to make their network compatible with the Chargemap Pass now have a wide range of solutions available, according to their technical and pricing strategies: via roaming platforms such as Hubject or Gireve, or directly via the OCPI protocol.

Chargemap is pursuing its goal of providing a single mobile app and a single pass to access all the charging stations in Europe and thus facilitate the adoption of electric vehicles.

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Victor Wood
Victor Wood
22 January 2018 9 h 56 min

Great news.

David Isherwood
David Isherwood
10 August 2018 14 h 23 min

Does the charge pass card work in Spain and Portugal>

Chargemap Assistance
Chargemap Assistance
22 August 2018 11 h 41 min

Not now, but we’re working on it

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