ChargeMap Pass: Orders are open!

Today is an important day in ChargeMap’s history. After months of work, we are proud to announce officially the launch of ChargeMap Pass, our access and payment service for charging stations.

You know how it is, if you use public charging stations, the majority require an RFID card to start a charge. Each network has its own, which often makes travelling by electric vehicle complicated.

Many of you have told us about how difficult it is to manage multiple RFID access cards and about not wanting to pay a subscription to charge away from home occasionally. You told us you preferred to pay at the end of the month rather than having to feed a pre-payment account and you shared the difficulties you encountered in getting an invoice when your charging is for professional purposes.

With ChargeMap Pass, our goal is to offer a charging solution that meets your needs:

  • No subscription ;
  • A single pass, which is compatible with an increasing number of networks ;
  • Clear and detailed billing ;
  • All your charging debited at the end of the month in a single payment ;
  • Help when you need it ;
  • Seamless integration with the new ChargeMap mobile app.

We are starting off with 15 French networks, including the nationwide fast charging network Corri-door. Agreements with other French and European networks have been signed and these networks will become active in our system in the next few weeks.

The ChargeMap Pass is available for €14.90. Order one today and receive free of charge Le Guide de la Recharge Électrique (the Electric Charging Guide), written clearly and informatively by our specialists (in French only for now).

The charging service offered by ChargeMap is non-subscription and non-binding. For the moment, ChargeMap does not take any fee for charging.

In the long term – we want to be transparent about this – we will factor in a reasonable commission on each charge to finance the service we offer. This amount will be displayed on each recharge area, in the mobile app, and on our website.

Paying for your charging with ChargeMap Pass, supports our service.

Naturally, our website and apps remain completely free. Only charges made using the ChargeMap Pass are invoiced.

Our whole team is looking forward to offering you this new service and is always ready to listen to your initial feedback and suggestions. Happy charging with ChargeMap Pass!


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