Chargemap Pass: two years on!

Launched in June 2017, Chargemap Pass is celebrating its second anniversary this month! The ideal moment to look back on the story of the fabled blue badge from its very beginnings.


A badge with assets galore

The Chargemap Pass is a badge in credit card format based on RFiD technology. It allows all rechargeable vehicle drivers to access a broad spectrum of free or paying public charging stations, and to pay for charging the vehicle as you go.

  • A unique badge: you no longer have to weigh yourself down with a plethora of badges and apps from different networks. The Chargemap Pass is compatible with tens of thousands of free and paying charging stations and the largest fast charging networks in Europe, such as Ionity, Allego, Fastned and Corri-Door.
  • €0 / month: a subscription-free, pay-as-you-go badge.
  • Perfectly dovetailing your Chargemap apps and account.
  • A problem? No problem! You benefit from the expertise of our Chargemap support team who are there to seamlessly help you solve your charging problems.


A lot of ground covered in just two years!

Two years ago, Chargemap was mainly known and loved for its mobile app and website, allowing EV drivers to locate charging stations and check out their status.

At this time, when Chargemap was still spelled “ChargeMap” (yes, we have dropped the capital M since 😉), the Chargemap team and its founder Yoann Nussbaumer, took up the challenge of launching their own charging badge.

Eletric vehicles drivers had long been crying out for a “universal” charging badge which, combined with their favourite charging station location app, would spare them the hassle of ordering several badges and subscriptions.

From the outset, Chargemap offered subscription-free membership with a badge that was simple in form and reliable to use. And, of course, fully integrating its applications.


Chargemap then changed status to become – in the jargon of the trade – a “mobility operator”. And so the team began the long process of becoming compatible with the dozens of charging networks operating in France initially, before spreading out to other European countries a few months later.


How the Chargemap Pass has progressed since Day 1

  • An increase of 600% in compatible charging stations (and the list gets longer every week)
  • Several tens of thousands of regular users
  • Hundreds of thousands of euros worth of charging remitted to our partner networks
  • Development of a solution dedicated to corporate fleets
  • Trust shown in us by prestigious partners: Jaguar France, Allianz France, Sofinco, Altima (MAIF)



Top-quality service at the heart of our approach

  • Development of Operator, the tool signed by Chargemap which allows partner networks to view reactions expressed by the community with the aim of improving the charging experience.
  • On-going improvement of in-house tools to detect and rectify flaws in terms of quality.
  • Development of a dedicated in-house tool and setting up a phone-in support team.


And there’s more to come

Chargemap is not going to rest on its laurels. In addition to the on-going increase in the number of compatible networks and the continuous improvements to the quality of our services, we will soon be presenting you with the next developments for the Chargemap Pass…


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Cover picture credit: Photo by S O C I A L . C U T on Unsplash
Translation from French: Helen Schnelzauer-Sontage
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