Premier réseau de recharge hongrois compatible Chargemap Pass

Chargemap’s first Hungarian charging network partner

This month, almost 200 additional charging points become compatible with the Chargemap Pass in Hungary.


Our first Hungarian partner network! Hungary is at the crossroads of Europe as it shares its borders with no less than seven countries. The development of its charging infrastructures is, therefore, becoming a major challenge to facilitate electric mobility in Central Europe.

The NKM Mobilitás network, with no less than 189 charging points throughout Hungary, will now be accessible thanks to your Chargemap Pass.

As this network offers exclusively fast and accelerated charging stations, it will be particularly convenient if you decide to undertake long electric trips across the country.


Chargemap hopes to continue to develop its partnerships with Hungarian and European charging networks so that you can drive your EV with complete peace of mind.

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