Chargemap’s new power rating filter

The charging station power rating selection system has been updated on Chargemap’s web and mobile applications. This essential filter is easier to use, more efficient and now integrates the (very) fast charging speeds in an ergonomic design.


An essential tool

Chargemap has always proposed a system of filters to enhance the visibility of charging pools useful for each EV driver. And the first – and no doubt the most indispensable – landmark filter for users, is the one that filters charging stations according to charging speed.

Up until now, this essential tool didn’t distinguish between fast and very fast charging stations with power ratings exceeding 50 kW. The arrival of new electric models on the market boasting charging speeds of 100 kW or more, such as the Kia E-Niro, Hyundai Kona, Audi E-Tron, Tesla Model 3 and Jaguar I-Pace, have made it an absolute necessity to update this filter in order to integrate these new speeds, also known as “ultra-fast” or “ultra-rapid” charging speeds.


A much-awaited development

To meet the ever increasing demands of the owners of these fast-charging vehicles, our teams at Chargemap have opted for an ergonomic design based on a horizontal cursor.

You simply move it from left to right to select the minimum charging speed threshold you require. When you set it to the far right, only the fastest charging stations are selected (up to 350 kW!). If you set it completely to the left, you are in fact deactivating the filter and all the charging pools are displayed on the map again.


Mobile and web

The system has been deployed on both the Chargemap iOS and Android mobile apps, and the web version.

mobile app chargemap filter
The new charging speed filter for your mobile app.


The new charging speed filter for your computer.



If you like this innovation, mind to give the Chargemap application 5 stars on App Store and Google Play to give our team a boost 😉


Translation from French: Helen Schnelzauer-Sontage
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2 July 2021 11 h 58 min

To me it is unclear how to get rid of the filter window once the filters have been set

Mélanie - Chargemap
Mélanie - Chargemap
5 July 2021 15 h 05 min
Reply to  FredW

Hi, once you have set your filters you can simply close the window by swiping down. The filters are automatically saved. Is it clearer for you now? 🙂

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