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Electric car insurance: how do you choose?

Are you thinking of switching to an electric car, or do you already own one? Welcome to the sphere of drivers for whom ecology rhymes with economy!

Now think about taking out an insurance policy for your electric car, which is of course compulsory like for any other vehicle. But how do you choose the right insurance (rate, battery and other criteria)? And did you know that it can save you money while guaranteeing you optimum protection?

Find out all about the specifics of insurance to avoid unpleasant surprises and drive with complete peace of mind. Follow the guide to choosing the right electric car insurance in 2024!


Electric car insurance: the current situation

To get a clearer picture, let’s take a quick look at the current situation.

The success of electric cars: what kind of impact does it have on insurance?

Whether for environmental, economic or performance reasons, drivers are increasingly turning to electric cars as a mobility solution. Sales of electric cars are rising all the time!

This enthusiasm for clean energy is all the more important given that insurers are now offering products that are specifically adapted to this type of vehicle.
To do this, they take into account the unique characteristics of electric cars and often offer attractive EV insurance rates.

So, for electric car owners, choosing the right insurance is a way of both protecting their investment and making significant savings in the long run.

That’s why it’s important to factor the price of insurance into your budget.

How to choose the right electric car insurance

First and foremost, to make the best insurance choice for your own vehicle, taking stock of your current specific needs, is highly recommended.

Take into account your personal situation, the intended use of your EV and insurance preferences.

For example:

  • Is it a project or do you already own an EV?
  • What is the current condition of the car?
  • Do you want to insure a new vehicle or a second-hand EV?

Rates depend on your EV model.
For example, in France, insuring a Renault Zoé costs an average of €302 per year for comprehensive insurance, while a Tesla 3 can cost €553 on average.Therefore, it’s essential to carry out a simulation to find the best insurance for your vehicle.

Tips for choosing an electric car insurance

Here are the main tips and essential criteria for taking out an EV insurance policy:

Tip 1: Protect the electric battery

Be careful when insuring your electric vehicle (EV).
The battery costs several thousands of euros. You should be aware that even the slightest impact can cause it to break down, rendering your car unusable…
The cost of changing an EV battery can even exceed the value of the vehicle, so it’s worth protecting yourself! Take out an electric car battery insurance option.

Tip 2: Optimise your insurance policy

As already mentioned, the materials, equipment and latest technologies used in EVs all add up!
We therefore advise you to take out an all-risk policy that includes comprehensive cover such as glass breakage and all-risk damage.

Tip 3: Reduce risks and breakdowns

Think about the essential criteria for insurance protection: all risks, 0km breakdown assistance and towing to a charging station. Of course, we wouldn’t recommend trying this out as it will damage your EV battery.

Tip 4: Insure theft and fire cover

Make sure you are well protected in the event of theft or fire. EV batteries contain some flammable materials and equipment. So make sure your insurance offers adequate protection in these areas!

Tip 5: Insurance your home charging point

If you have a home charging point, don’t forget to take out an additional option to insure your installation. Thus, in the event of an electrical problem, your insurance will cover any damage.

Tip 6: Take advantage of low insurance rates

It goes without saying that you should opt for insurance policies that are specifically designed for EVs. They offer additional benefits, and even adapted competitive rates.
If electric car insurance prices are more attractive, it’s also thanks to the environmental policies of the companies. They want to reward the use of EVs.

Tip 7: Consult reviews and feedback

Take a look at reviews and feedback from other EV owners. It will give you an idea of the reliability and quality of service offered by different insurance companies.

Once your vehicle is insured, don’t forget to get an EV charging card so you can charge at a number of compatible charging points across Europe!
As a result, you’ll have easy access to a multitude of EV charging points around you, and you’ll never have to worry about running out of fuel! 😉

Delivery of our advice complete! As eco-drivers, remember to anticipate all risks. As you know, it’s better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to your own safety as well as the safety of your car and wallet.

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