Important Update for ChargeMap

ChargeMap has just updated its entire computer system. Website, mobile apps, administrative space, API: everything has changed! An update that involves a few changes for our users…

Since its creation in 2010, ChargeMap has been based on a computer system that has evolved over time. With updates and the development of the recharging world, this system has reached its limits. We had to start again with new technical bases to achieve our goals and improve our service.

A new information structure

Without going into detail, we have changed all foundations, and this involves changes in the way in which we organise information. The most noticeable change for our users is that we are now grouping together the sockets by charging station.

This means that we will have to gradually update our database to include the distribution of sockets by charging station. This is important substantive work that we will be conducting in collaboration with charging networks and our community of users.

More suitable tools to moderate contributions

With this update, we have also reviewed the contributions system from top to bottom. Our moderation team has a much more efficient validation interface to handle the tens of thousands of pieces of information you send us every month!

Comments and photos are now published instantly to facilitate the flow of information, but these contributions are still displayed, processed and moderated by our team for a better quality of information.

Transitional mobile apps

Mobile apps are also evolving. These are “transitional” versions before the arrival of original iOS & Android apps that are currently under development. What you must remember: you must update your mobile app to continue using ChargeMap.

Some features have been temporarily removed from the service, and will return in upcoming weeks: missions and real-time display from check-ins.

Listing all the changes that this update involves would take too long. This is a complex but necessary development to offer you new services in the future.

An update of this type is bound to involve unexpected occurrences, so please don’t hesitate to contact user support if you encounter the slightest bug! We count on your help and understanding  😉

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