Renault Zoé charging on a Pass Pass charging station in France

More than 2,300 new charging points compatible with your Chargemap Pass

Now that our batteries are fully charged by the sun, it’s raining compatible networks! 2,351 new European charging points become accessible thanks to your Chargemap Pass. A nice little gift for the summer holidays. 🤗


After a few rather “quiet” months in terms of new compatible networks, we are delighted to announce a strong comeback with 6 new compatible charging networks! The charging stations are located in France, Austria and Spain

🇫🇷 Charging stations in France

🇦🇹 Charging stations in Austria

🇪🇸 Charging stations in Spain

We hope that you will have the opportunity to test one of these networks during your holidays. Don’t forget to subscribe to the Chargemap newsletter and follow us on the social networks so that you don’t miss any announcements of new compatible networks in Europe.
Have a nice trip with Chargemap! 😎

And if you haven’t already, order the Chargemap Pass and :

Illustration Chargemap Pass
  • access tens of thousands of compatible stations across Europe.
  • benefit from 24/7 charging assistance.
  • plan your journeys by locating compatible stations thanks to the Chargemap application accessible for free.
  • support an independent company of 17 people committed to making electric vehicle charging simple and sustainable.

Order your Chargemap Pass

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Tony Marmont
Tony Marmont
24 July 2020 18 h 06 min

Wiil. The Tesla plug fit ?
Are there superchargers ?
Do yo accept ordinary credit cards !
I have a locker full of dedicated One network only cards , and they run out of date and then you can’t charge !

Tony Marmont
Tony Marmont
24 July 2020 18 h 10 min

Charger rates list, I have a 100! KWhr battery . standard credit cards acceotable

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