The Chargemap mobile app gets a new form to add and edit charging stations

A new version of Chargemap’s mobile app is available for download. It now offers a new form to add and modify charging stations, much easier to use than the previous one.

It has to be said; it hasn’t always been easy to add or modify a charging station from the mobile app. The problem is that the form is a bit complicated, especially when you are not a charging expert!

Fortunately, our mobile team rolled up their sleeves. They consulted users, brainstormed and stuck hundreds of post-its on the windows of our meeting room. All this was very pleasing for our designer, but the most important thing is that this work really simplifies the addition and the modifications of terminals on Chargemap!

So now, if the kiosk is in an underground car park or out in the open countryside and you have no network coverage, you can save your contribution to your phone and send it later. That’s rather more practical, isn’t it?

Take a minute to test the new form and please don’t hesitate to send us your comments. The paint isn’t quite dry yet, and we’d value your feedback as we make the final adjustments!

Do you like Chargemap? Please consider giving us a 5-star rating for the app on the App Store or Google Play to encourage our team 😉


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20 April 2018 11 h 53 min

What version number is this app? I have V4.20 at the moment.

Charles Morris
Charles Morris
20 April 2018 12 h 10 min

I wish that I could plot a trip on a map of charging stations along a route that could be planned to stop at for charging.

14 May 2018 15 h 02 min

I’m trying to run 4.2.2 it hangs on the splash screen can’t get any further. deleted app reinstalled it restarted iPhone still same problem its iPhone 5s running latest iOS

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