Update regarding issues with the latest version of ChargeMap

Dear ChargeMap members,

This week, we completed ChargeMap’s biggest ever update. Behind the scenes, we have performed a complete overhaul of the system. Unfortunately, this extremely complex update did not go as expected.

A number of you have experienced issues with both the web site and mobile app, and we would like to apologise for this.

Our team has taken the decision to be completely open about these issues so that we can keep you updated as they are resolved. Since ChargeMap’s very beginnings, your satisfaction has remained our number one priority.

Issues most commonly experienced

The mobile app no longer displays charging stations or filtering on these does not return any results: in 99% of cases, this issue can be resolved by uninstalling then reinstalling the app.

Not all photos are displayed: the process of transferring half a million photos to a new server did not go completely as expected. The process is taking longer than in our initial tests, but the photographs will gradually reappear over the next few hours.

Difficulties with viewing the status of charging points via the mobile app: this issue will be resolved in an update due over the next few days. In the meantime, please check our web site for updates.

Passes required to use charging stations are not always being displayed correctly: we are in the process of resolving this issue and should have a fix soon.

Some issues around adding/editing charging stations: we are in the process of rectifying this.

Our team is here to help

Our support team is fully aware of these issues and can be contacted 7 days a week at [email protected] if you require assistance. If you encounter an issue that is not listed above, please get in touch.

We are working round the clock to restore services as swiftly as possible and will keep you updated on progress via our blog.

Thank you for your continued trust in our services and for the notes of support that we have received over the past few days.

The ChargeMap team

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Scott Spellerberg
Scott Spellerberg
14 March 2017 10 h 41 min

Thanks for the openness. We all have tech issues, but not everyone fesses up. So you get a huge thumbs up from me.

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