Usability, comments, Waze integration: the new features of the ChargeMap app

The ChargeMap app is constantly evolving and we have just released a new version that improves usability. This is in response to the feedback you have sent us via customer support.

In this new version, we have improved the charging station detail screen. Adding comments and photos is faster and more intuitive, as these actions can now be carried out from the top of the screen.

We have taken the opportunity to make the “navigation” button much more visible than it was before. This button allows you to navigate to the charging station using applications like Waze or Google Maps.

The next improvements forthcoming will be displaying charges made with the ChargeMap Pass in the member area, simplifying the charging area addition/modification form, and improving check-ins.

Please be assured that all your remarks/suggestions are carefully noted by the ChargeMap team and will be taken into account gradually in future versions of the application. You could say we still have a little work to do 😉

In the meantime, if you like this update and would like to offer our team some encouragement, please remember to rate the app with 5 stars on the App Store and the Play Store!

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