Chargemap is cutting its charging rates

To foster easy, accessible charging – that’s our mission at Chargemap. Launching the Chargemap Pass was a landmark event. Now Chargemap’s business model is developing – together with our pricing strategy.

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New Austrian charging network accessible with your Chargemap Pass

Salzburg AG charging network Austria

This month, Austria is in the spotlight! A few hundred charging points, mainly spread around Salzburg, are now compatible with your Chargemap Pass.

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IONITY: the new rate applicable to Chargemap Pass customers explained

From 31 January 2020, the network IONITY is changing its pricing scheme, and Chargemap has no choice but to adapt its new rates. This situation requires some explanation.

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5 Chargemap features you absolutely have to know

Chargemap app features you need to know

There has always been just one goal behind the Chargemap app: to make everyday life easier for EV drivers. But how can you use it to optimum capacity? Here are 5 features you absolutely need to be familiar with to make your electrically-powered journeys as smooth as possible.

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Chargemap’s first Hungarian charging network partner

NKM Mobilitas charging station

This month, almost 200 additional charging points become compatible with the Chargemap Pass in Hungary.

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So what’s happened at Chargemap in 2019?

2019 is drawing to a close. Time to review the events that have fuelled the daily routine of the Chargemap team. So let’s look back at our journey together this year and check out the route mapped out for 2020.

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Near 1,500 new charging points compatible with the Chargemap Pass

To end the year on a high note, another 5 new networks are becoming compatible with your Chargemap Pass. This represents no less than 1,266 charging points spread throughout France.

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How does Chargemap help networks to improve their services?

The EV market is growing apace. Charging infrastructures are following the movement, but the facts are undeniable: the number of charging stations out of order is far too high. In the face of this situation, Chargemap has developed a tool to help charging infrastructure operators to upgrade the quality of their networks: Chargemap Operator.

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New Chargemap Pass compatible networks in Austria, Switzerland, and France

Every month, Chargemap updates you on the latest networks compatible with the Chargemap Pass. In November, more than 400 charging points, located in Austria, Switzerland, and France, become accessible thanks to your Chargemap badge.

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9 dos and don’ts when charging on a public charging station

Charging your car outside your home can rapidly become a source of stress if you don’t take the necessary precautions. If you have just purchased an electric vehicle and charging on the public charging networks is still a bit of a mystery to you – don’t panic! Chargemap is sharing 9 excellent tips with you that many EV drivers would have loved to have known before embarking on their first charging experiences.

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New: the charging receipt by email

charge map charging electric car

With the variety of rates applied by the charging networks it isn’t always easy to track the actual cost of a charge. To give you a clearer picture, Chargemap is launching the charging receipt by email from today.

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Leading charge point operators (including Chargemap) plan roaming agreement in the UK and the Nordics

On the 25th of September, a group of Europe’s leading smart charging solutions providers have signed a letter of intent pledging to open their networks for drivers of electric vehicles (EVs) in the UK and in the Nordic countries (Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark) through a roaming partnership by the end of 2019.

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1,000 new European charging points are now compatible with the Chargemap Pass

This month, Chargemap welcomes 4 European charging networks! Thanks to these new networks, located in the Ireland and Sweden, there are now 920 new Chargemap Pass compatible charging points.

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100% green charges guaranteed with the Chargemap Pass

Why switch to an electric vehicle, “zero-emission vehicle”, if the electricity used does not come from the most eco-friendly means of production? Knowing this issue, the Chargemap team is committed, since the 1st July 2019, to provide “green” electricity charges.

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3,300 new compatible charging points across Europe

crotia ladenetze e-auto chargemap pass

This summer, a dozen European networks, spread from the United Kingdom to Croatia, have joined the compatible networks with the Chargemap Pass, giving a total exceeding three thousand new charging points.

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