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Where can I find free charging stations in my neighbourhood?

One of the main advantages of an electric vehicle is the ability to charge at home at low cost. What’s more, there are still charging points that are accessible free of charge. Where and how can you find them? Here are a few tips to help you cut back on your charging bills.


Use Chargemap to filter free charging stations

Chargemap app filter only free charging stations

Chargemap is your best ally for gaining an overview of all the free charging points available in Europe. All you have to do is go into the filters and activate “Free stations only”. You can fine-tune your search by filtering charge points according to the connector type, power rating and many other parameters. 

There is a detailed screen for each charging pool giving key information about access, connectors etc. The Community tab gives you useful feedback from other drivers who have topped up there. Don’t forget to consult it before charging so that you don’t miss out on any helpful hints and avoid unpleasant surprises.

Go to Chargemap app to locate the free charging points closest to your home and everywhere in Europe!

Charging your EV for free in retailing car parks 

Whether you’re off for your weekly shop or going on a quick spending spree, many major retailers offer EV charging facilities – sometimes for free. Now that’s a convenient, time-saving solution!

Free charging points in supermarket car parks 

Today, many supermarkets provide access to charging facilities in their car parks. It’s easy to spot them as they are clearly signposted and mapped out by markings on the ground. 

Access to free charging at supermarket charging points is usually reserved for shoppers. The terms of use are sometimes given at the charging points. Typically, you need to be in possession of the shop’s loyalty card, but this is not systematic. In some cases, depending on the retailer, free charging may be subject to a time limit. 

You can easily check access information and consult feedback from other EV drivers directly on your Chargemap app. 

For example, here is a non-exhaustive list of supermarkets offering free charging stations in Europe:

In the UK, the charging network Pod Point operates most free charge points in supermarket car parks.

Other retailers offering free charging 

Supermarkets are not the only stores to cater for the charging needs of EV drivers. In some countries, such as France, Germany and Belgium, you can browse around Ikea while charging your EV for free. 

Ikea provides free access to some of the charging stations, mostly fast (up to 22 kW), sometimes rapid (50 kW). 

Please note that some shopping centres, cinemas and other venues may offer this type of service to their customers. So think about finding out before going out 😉

Charging your electric vehicle for free at your car dealer 

ev charging at nissan car dealer

With the massive surge in the range of EVs and PHEVs on offer, carmakers and car dealers are providing free charging stations for their customers. Carmakers include:

  • Nissan
  • Renault
  • BMW
  • Volkswagen Group
    • 9 makes: Volkswagen, Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Cupra, Lamborghini, Porsche, Skoda and Seat
    • Owners of EVs produced by the group’s 9 companies have access to free charging at car dealers selling these makes!
  • Kia
  • Mercedes Benz

As with the major retailers, the terms for accessing and using these facilities can vary from one dealer to the next.

Free charging stations in streets and public car parks

electric car charging at a free chargeplace scotland station

You may also come across free charging stations in towns and cities that are keen to promote e-mobility. Most of these charging points are located in public car parks and more rarely in streets. Generally speaking, it doesn’t cost anything to park in a place reserved for charging EVs. 

The percentage of free charging points varies considerably from one country to the next. For example, the national Scottish network ChargePlace Scotland offers free charging at a broad selection of its charging points. 

Free charging points in hotels and restaurants

free tesla charging stations at a hotel

More and more hotels and restaurants are now offering their customers a charging service. It’s usually free, but it’s a good idea to check this out beforehand. 

If you are going on holiday with your EV, this may be a key criterion when selecting your hotel accommodation and restaurants during your travels. You can set off on a day trip and make full use of the charging facilities while you lunch or dine or when you chill out at your hotel.

For Tesla owners, topping up at Tesla Destination Charging charge points located at hotels, restaurants and in car parks is usually free.

Locate free charging stations in your vicinity and around Europe,

Go to the Chargemap app

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Jean-Pierre Paredis
Jean-Pierre Paredis
12 June 2022 23 h 48 min

Beste, Is het mogelijk ook de Nederlandse taal te kunnen hanteren, Ik denk dat het voor vele gebruikers gemakkelijker zal zijn

Hendrik Coppieters
Hendrik Coppieters
18 November 2022 18 h 51 min

Alles in het Engels ook de factuur, wij moeten alles vertalen naar Nederlands en we leven in België

15 June 2022 8 h 11 min

Is there free charging at Nissan Mandurah 6210 ?

15 June 2022 8 h 16 min

Can you send me a Chargemap card for free please ??

26 June 2022 15 h 02 min

Why doesn’t the Chargemap app working in Italy. I’ ve tried to use it at Enel and Be Charge stations in Modena. Siena and Montenegro d’Arbia. It failed to communicate and doesn’t start charging. I am very disappointed and it gives me a lot of trouble to find an other charging company.

26 June 2022 15 h 04 min

This is the right e-mailadres

Andre Tiels
Andre Tiels
4 August 2022 16 h 06 min

I didn’t get the pass card as promised. (max. 10 workings days)
I going on vacation to France without the pass.
Chargemap doesn’t care.

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