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4,000 kilometres by electric motorcycle – Stanislas’s adventure

During his first testimony, Stanislas told us how he came to adopt e-mobility. Little by little, his ecological ideals convinced him to turn his back on vehicles with internal combustion engines. He finally opted for a Zero SR/F electric motorcycle and decided to embark on a 4,000 km journey with it. During this grand tour, he wended his way along by-roads, roamed round towns and villages in France and came back to us to recount his adventures in an exciting and instructive interview.


Is an EV the right choice for a long journey? 

Electric motorcycle Zero SR/F on a mountain road

“Absolutely,” declares Stanislas. He insists on how easy it is to travel by electric motorcycle – even when unexpected events crop up. Challenging weather conditions, with temperatures either too cold or too hot and strong winds, impacted on the battery’s range. He was not impressed by the 20 to 30% drop in the battery’s initial capacity. 

Other than these hitches, Stanislas’s journey went well, with unexpected encounters along the way and the opportunity to discover beautiful French regions. He adds that using the Chargemap app turned out to be a determining factor in ensuring a smooth ride. He particularly highlights the accuracy of information about the location and reliability of charging stations. “I only had one problem with a charging station,” he claims.

The EV as a social catalyst? 

Stanislas recalls his “wonderful journey down memory lane” as he met up with people he hadn’t seen for several years. He also underlines the friendliness of the EV driver community on Chargemap. 

A typical anecdote was when he couldn’t find any charging stations, but someone living in the area provided access to his own charge point via the Chargemap app. 

“I was a bit lost {…} I went on the app and was able to use this guy’s charge point because the charging station scheduled on my route was too far away.” 

This spirit of mutual aid has enabled Stanislas to meet many interesting people and to take part in some very enriching conversations. For instance, on his travels, he met the leader of an EV automobile club.

Oodles of advice for EV drivers 

Set off in the right frame of mind 

The most important tip given by Stanislas is to take your time and enjoy the journey. He recommends spinning out the journey and taking the time to explore the landscapes you cross from region to region. 

Opt for the smaller roads 

Along the same lines, Stanislas recommends using B-roads to uncover the hidden beauties of France rather than flashing past them on the motorway. 

What’s more, this mode of travel is much less expensive in terms of energy consumption. In fact, driving at high speeds dramatically reduces EV range. The actual cost of your travels is therefore trimmed down for a journey which is often scarcely any longer. His advice is always to weigh the pros and cons by making a comparison between taking the motorway and travelling via B-roads.

Embrace the right tools 

Stanislas reminds us that using the proper tools is essential to take the stress out of travelling – even when the unexpected occurs. He particularly appreciated the reliability of data about the charging stations listed on Chargemap which made him feel more secure and confident during his travels.


A powerful experience and projects in the offing 

Stanislas at the Stanislas square of Nancy, France

Stanislas concludes his positive, fulfilling adventure by mentioning his current project which will put the finishing touch to his travels. He is currently editing a presentation video of his entire journey and stop-offs at the charging stations. As the video unfolds, he will be disclosing and sharing his tips and tricks about making a long journey by electric motorcycle a total success. 

And what about you? Are you planning on taking a long journey by EV in the near future?


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