Electric vehicle at a Q8 charging station compatible with the Chargemap Pass

Chargemap Pass: 8 new compatible charging networks

In this month of October, we are pleased to announce the addition of 8 charging networks compatible with the Chargemap Pass. Representing nearly 300 charging points, these networks are located in France, Slovenia, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.


🇫🇷 New charging stations compatible with the Chargemap Pass in France

With your Chargemap badge, you can now access 6 new charging networks in France:

🇸🇮 The Porsche charging network in Slovenia

Now let’s go to Slovenia! The Porsche Slovenia network, representing 123 charging points, is now compatible with your Chargemap Pass. Spread throughout the country, the majority of the Porsche network stations offer Combo CCS rapid charging stations, sometimes equipped with a Chademo socket as well. Some stations offer AC charging (11 and 22 kW).

🇧🇪 🇳🇱 🇱🇺 The Q8 charging network in the Benelux

88 charging points in the Q8 network become compatible with the Chargemap Pass. In Belgium and Luxembourg, you can charge at 22 kW accelerated charging points. In the neighbouring Netherlands, the network offers exclusively rapid charging stations.

That’s it for the Chargemap Pass compatible networks for the month of October! The Chargemap team continues its efforts to connect as many charging networks across Europe as possible. By the way, we have a nice surprise in store for November 😉

To charge your electric vehicle optimally, make sure you check out Chargemap’s educational articles. Follow our advice to understand and optimise the charging of your vehicle or your charging budget. Stay tuned and subscribe to the Chargemap newsletter so you don’t miss our next compatible network announcements. Have a nice electric journey ⚡️

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Ben Bartlett
Ben Bartlett
18 February 2022 16 h 39 min

Does Chargermap connect to Iberdrola in Spain?

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