100% green charges guaranteed with the Chargemap Pass

Why switch to an electric vehicle, “zero-emission vehicle”, if the electricity used does not come from the most eco-friendly means of production? Knowing this issue, the Chargemap team is committed, since the 1st of July 2019, to provide “green” electricity charges.

It is an important step in Chargemap’s life: since the 1st of July, all charges made through the Chargemap Pass are provided with electricity coming from renewable resources.

Please note that Chargemap does not own any charging stations. Therefore, we have no power over the nature of the contracts settled between charging stations’ owners and electricity suppliers.
In that case, how can Chargemap promise green electricity for its customers’ charges? It deserves some explanations…

The Guarantees of Origin system

Since the 1st of July, every charge made using a Chargemap Pass has seen the equivalent of the energy consumed re-injected into “green” electricity, for example from renewable energy production means.

We have decided to focus on electricity coming from 50% wind and 50% solar energies because these production methods support a decentralised energy production open to everyone.

To offer this solution, we rely on Guarantees of Origin (“GO”), the only public system allowing a strict “green” electricity traceability on a European level. It is actually the system used by most of the green electricity offers available on the market.

Indeed, if it is totally impossible to determine the original site and nature of each electron passing through a charging electric vehicle, Guarantees of Origin have the advantage to contribute to the development of European renewable energies.

This is why all charges made using the Chargemap Pass, including those from our offers dedicated to professional fleets, are now supplied with green electricity on the basis of Guarantees of Origin. This is our way to contribute to the development of renewable energies, and you participate each time you charge with the Chargemap Pass!

To implement this offer, we relied on the expertise of the company Electricité de Strasbourg. Each month, the Alsatian energy player allows us to buy back the total energy consumed by Chargemap’s customers in Guarantees of Origin on the Powernext platform.


How do Guarantees of Origin work?

Each renewable energy production centre releases Guarantees of Origin, which certify the amount of renewable energy it injected into the electricity network.

Each month, Chargemap acquires – from the entity managing the GO register – the guaranteed certificates of origin covering all the charges made using the Chargemap Pass.

These official documents, forgery-proof, enable to prove at any time and in complete transparency, the amounts and the origin (exclusively solar and wind energies in this case) of the energy injected on behalf of Chargemap’s customers.

With this system, the more electric vehicle drivers are consuming guaranteed energy, the more producers are encouraged to produce electricity from renewable sources. We are proud to be the first and only eMSP (e-Mobility Service Provider) to provide such kind of roaming offer.

Try it for yourself!

As you may have guessed, if you already have a Chargemap Pass, you have nothing to do to benefit from this green energy offer. No new badges to order, nor additional offers to subscribe to or price increase: all the charges you have made since the 1st of July are already covered by this offer.

With each charge made with the Chargemap Pass, you now contribute to the development of renewable energies. If we look at it from another perspective, each Chargemap Pass compatible charging station now becomes a green energy charging station!

Great reasons to enjoy the Chargemap Pass for all your charges.


You don’t have a Chargemap Pass yet?

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Alessandro Neckels
Alessandro Neckels
25 October 2019 15 h 35 min


Janka Bacharova
Janka Bacharova
28 October 2019 11 h 45 min

Ste na Slovensko

Olivier – Chargemap
Olivier – Chargemap
29 November 2019 15 h 59 min

Hi, Janka
Yes, we have some compatible fast charging pools in Slovakia.
Please check the map on the Chargemap Pass page:

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