Ranking of electric cars with the best range/price ratio
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Electric cars and range: ranking the best value for money

🚗 When you’re thinking of switching to an electric car, range is an important factor to take into consideration. 

But, how do you find the best compromise between range and price? 

In this article, we offer a ranking of electric cars offering the best value for money in terms of quality, range and price, with a variety of models to suit different needs and preferences.


Criteria to consider 

When it comes to choosing an electric car, range is often the top priority! 

For many drivers, the fear of running out of electricity before reaching their destination is a major brake on switching to zero-emission vehicles 🚗.

However, with the constant improvement in battery technology, many electric car models now offer long ranges! They are more than sufficient for most daily journeys 🔋.

Top 3 best electric cars for their range/price ratio

Discover our ranking and comparison of EVs in terms of their range/price ratio!

#3 – Hyundai Kona Electric (64kWh) 🥉

  • 🔌 Range: 484km (WLTP)
  • 💸 Price: from €42,600 (excluding environmental bonus)
  • 🔋 Energy consumption: 15.4kWh/100km

Modern and versatile, the Hyundai Kona Electric offers extended range and fast charging, all in a compact SUV format. It’s ideal for those looking for an efficient, economical vehicle with a more restrained design than its peers.

#2 – Tesla Model 3 🥈

  • 🔌 Range: 491km (WLTP)
  • 💸 Price: from €44,990 (excluding environmental bonus).
  • 🔋 Energy consumption: 21kWh/100km

The Tesla Model 3, the make’s iconic saloon car, combines elegance and performance. Take advantage of this long-range electric car model. In fact, it has a range approaching 500km! The Model 3 offers optimum comfort for long EV journeys. The volume, both in the passenger compartment and in the boot, is a real plus! Tesla is currently the EV maker with the longest range.

#1 – MG4 🥇

The famous MG4 hatchback takes first place!

  • 🔌 Range: up to 450km (WLTP)
  • 💸 Price: from €29,900 (excluding environmental bonus)
  • 🔋 Fuel consumption: between 15 kWh and 21 kWh/100km

The MG4 offers excellent value for money with remarkable performance.

It can be fast-charged at up to 135 kW, enabling it to recover up to 270 km in 20 minutes. The Chinese electric hatchback is ideal for those looking for an economical option without compromising on performance! With a maximum range of 450 km and an attractive price tag, it boasts an innovative battery.

Thanks to its modern design and low centre of gravity, the MG4 offers remarkable stability and driving comfort.

Choosing this ranking was no easy task! 🏆

It takes into account value for money, range and other criteria such as the type of vehicle: city car, saloon, SUV… 🚘 

We could very well have listed many other models and makes that are also very interesting :

  • The Nissan Leaf is one of the most popular electric cars on the market. It is reliable and has a range of up to 385km.
  • The Volkswagen ID.3 is a versatile and compact electric car with a range of up to 424km. It has a spacious, modern interior and is comfortable to drive.
  • The Peugeot e-208 is an elegant electric city car with a range of 340km. With its attractive design and dynamic performance, it’s an interesting choice for those looking for an urban car!
  • The Renault Zoé, the famous compact city car! You’ll only find it as a second-hand electric car, as production of this model ended in 2024. Launched in 2012, it has benefited from numerous upgrades and improvements. With a range of almost 400 km, it’s ideal for daily commuting and affordable at a competitive price.
  • And so on.

Tips for maximising the range of your electric vehicle

Once you’ve chosen your electric car, here are a few tips to maximise its range:

  • Efficient driving

Adopt a smooth driving style and anticipate braking to save energy (and therefore money!).

  • Use of equipment

Ideally, of course, you should limit the use of electrical equipment such as air conditioning or heating. This also has an effect on energy consumption ⚡.

  • Managing charging

Plan your charging according to your journeys and use rapid charging stations where possible to save time. Think of the Chargemap Pass to make your life easier! (and save time ⏳🙃)

Buying or renting an electric car?

Finally, you’ll probably want to know whether it’s better to buy or rent an electric car. Both options offer distinct advantages, and the choice will depend on your needs and budget 💳. (

  • Renting gives you flexibility, but also allows you to take advantage of the latest technological innovations. This is particularly the case with electric car leasing!
  • If you choose to buy an EV, it can be more profitable in the long run, especially if you plan to keep the vehicle for several years. For instance, buying a second-hand electric car is a very attractive option. This market has a number of offers available via dedicated platforms.

To conclude, choosing an electric car with a good range/price ratio is essential for a successful transition to electric mobility. 

Car manufacturers offer a wide range of options to help you find the vehicle that’s right for you 💚. For more information and loads of tips on charging and using electric cars, consult our numerous educational articles!

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