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MG4: a guide to charging the affordable EV hatchback

Entering the market as a direct rival to the Megane E-Tech Electric, the Chinese MG4 EV hatchback is generating a buzz in Europe – mostly powered by its low price tag and excellent performance level. Let’s take a closer look at charging with this new MG sensation.


Range and charging capacity of the MG4 EV

Battery types 

Breaking new ground for the MG carmaker, the MG4 EV boasts a brand new powerplant with its battery pack lying flush on a horizontal plane. The upshot of this new design is a lower CG ensuring greater stability and superior handling. 

MG4 EV battery pack

The MG4 EV comes in 3 versions (Standard Range, Long Range and Long Range Trophy) and offers 2 different types of battery: 

  • For the entry-level Standard MG4:
    • LFP type battery (Lithium, Ferro-Phosphate) featuring a lower energy density but a longer life cycle as it can withstand more than double the number of charging cycles.
    • Nominal capacity 51 kWh
  • For the MG4 EV Long Range and Trophy versions :
    • NMC type battery (Nickel, Manganese and Cobalt)
    • Nominal capacity 64 kWh

Range of the MG4 EV

MG4 EV on the road

In terms of range, the MG4 EV clocks up 350 km (218 mi) WLTP* in the Standard version and 450 km (280 mi) in the Long Range and Trophy versions.

As to battery performance and consumption: 

  • The MG4 Standard Range consumes between 17 kWh (combined) and 21 kWh (motorway). On average, you need a charging stop every 300 km (185 mi) on a combined itinerary and every 200 km (125 mi) for motorway driving.
  • The MG4 Long Range and Trophy boast similar consumption rates (Trophy consuming a tad more). So you need to bank on an average consumption of between 15 kWh on a combined itinerary (range of 410 km (255 mi)) and 22 to 24 kWh on motorways (range of 270 km (168 mi).

*Worldwide harmonized Light vehicles Test Procedure: procedure giving a more realistic estimation of a vehicle’s range and consumption. It has been in force since 1 September 2018.

Charging capacities of the MG4 EV

MG4 EV charger
VersionMax. AC charging capability (Type 2)Max. DC charging capability (Combo CCS)
Standard Range6.6 kW – Single-phase117 kW
Long Range / Trophy11 kW – Three-phase135 kW

To find out more, we invite you to consult our articles on charging power ratings and times and the various types of connectors for EVs.

Where and how can I charge the MG4 EV?

All the estimated charging times given below are based on the French EV specialised media Automobile Propre charging time simulator.

Charging the MG4 EV at home

Plugged into a domestic socket or heavy-duty socket like Green’up*, the MG4 EV can take up to 2.3 kW, which corresponds to a charging time (20 to 80%) of 13 hours and 30 minutes for the Standard Range version and 16 hours 50 minutes for the Long Range and Trophy versions.

To benefit from safer, faster charging, the ideal solution is to install a wallbox. With a 7 kW wallbox, MG4 EV’s charging time is significantly reduced. To charge from 20 to 80%, you need between 4 hours 40 minutes and 5 hours 15 minutes depending on the on-board battery.

To make life easier, our partner supplier Mister EV has brought together various home-charging solutions perfectly adapted to the MG4 EV.

*The Green’up socket delivers a maximum power output of 3.2 kW but requires the use of a specific charging cable rarely supplied by carmakers. Without this cable, power output is limited to 2.3 kW, like with a standard domestic socket.

Charging the MG4 EV at public charging stations

If you need to charge your MG4 EV away from home, we can tell you all about a handy little app called Chargemap. Check it out – it’s really worth it (and nobody’s paid us to tell you so 🙃). It will show you all the charging stations available in your vicinity and across Europe. 

Don’t forget to use the filters available so that only the charging stations corresponding to your MG4’s charging capacities and your preferences are displayed.

Fast AC charging points

To preserve the EV’s battery from untimely wear and tear, we heartily recommend you opt for slow charging rather than fast charging on an everyday basis. 

With its on-board charger, the MG4 EV Standard Range boasts a maximum power rating of 6.6 kW AC. This corresponds to a charging time from 20 to 80% of about 4 hours and 30 minutes. 

The MG4 EV Long Range and Trophy can push the power rating up to 11 kW AC charging from 20 to 80% in just 3 hours 30 minutes.

Rapid DC charging points

Over long journeys, you will be able to charge your MG4 EV at rapid charging stations on networks such as Ionity, Fastned, Enel X and Allego.

In DC mode, the MG4 EV can take a maximum power output of 117 kW in the Standard version and 135 kW for the Long Range models. Whichever version you have, about 20 minutes is all you need to charge from 20 to 80% and therefore recover a range of 220 to 270 km (137 to 168 mi).

During a test on the MG4 EV Trophy carried out by Automobile Propre, the EV even displayed higher charging performance levels than those announced. In fact, the EV peaked at 143 kW and boasted a more than satisfactory charging curve with an average power rating of 96 kWh (10 to 80% in 30 minutes).

MG4 EV or Renault Megane E-Tech Electric?

The MG4 EV hatchback has entered the market head-to-head with its rival – the Megane E-Tech. The MG4 EV Trophy most closely resembles the French hatchback and more particularly the EV60 220 hp Super Charge edition.

Here’s a quick comparison of some of their features: 

  • Both vehicles are equipped with the same type of battery and a useful energy capacity of 60 kWh.
  • The WLTP range announced is 435 km (270 mi) for MG and 450 km (280 mi) for Renault.
  • The Megane has more ergonomic control display and accessibility.
  • The regenerative braking system is feistier and more powerful with the Renault, making handling easier.
  • In terms of charging, the MG4 EV is better equipped than the Megane E-Tech and yields a more efficient charging performance. 
  • From entry level, MG proposes two-way V2L charging for devices external to the EV with a maximum power output of 2.2 kW.

But where the MG4 EV really makes its mark is the price. With equivalent equipment and performance levels, the difference in the price tag of the two EVs is about £12,000.

Planning your charging sessions with your MG4 EV

For stress-free trips on board the MG4, the Chargemap route planner is your best travelling companion. You can set up your journey in less than a minute. The tool calculates the ideal itinerary for you taking into account the features of your MG4, as it does for any other electric vehicle. You can also customise your options to match your driving and charging habits more precisely.

To change or add a charging stop, simply activate the “Stations” button to display all the MG4 compatible charging points available along your route. Filters are also available to help you fine-tune your search. 

💡 Tip: Save your route in the Chargemap app and retrieve it when you want on your dashboard via the on-board Android Auto and Apple CarPlay systems. A word to the wise – you will need a cable to connect your phone in the MG4 (Bluetooth not available).

👇 Let’s continue the discussion in the comments! What do you think of MG’s new hatchback EV? Have you already fallen in love and placed an early-bird order? 

Drive and charge hassle-free in your MG4

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Robert Buckley.
Robert Buckley.
13 June 2023 13 h 17 min

The charge map rout planner from Holyhead, Wales to York UK returns a negative number of chargers when ever I ask it to give me a route with appropriate charging station for an MG Mark 4.

13 July 2023 9 h 37 min

The article’s unique strength lies in its ability to present complex charging concepts in a clear and accessible manner, catering to both novices and experienced users. I appreciate the writer’s attention to detail, as they cover various charging options, including home charging, public charging stations, and fast-charging networks, thereby addressing the needs of a diverse audience. The inclusion of real-world examples and practical tips adds immense value to the article, empowering readers with actionable knowledge. Overall, this article stands out by offering a positive and insightful take on charging the MG4 electric hatchback, making it a must-read for anyone interested in electric vehicles and sustainable transportation.

Andrew Proudman
Andrew Proudman
24 January 2024 10 h 50 min

setting this up now, I have an MG4 Trophy but not listed is this the same as the Luxury model

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