Improvement of the filtering criteria: Superchargers, new connectors, attached cables

The filtering system and the connector type display have just been updated on ChargeMap to make it easier to distinguish which sockets require a specific cable. The Tesla Supercharger connector also makes an appearance and will delight Tesla owners.

This is an update that may seem trivial but many users have been eagerly awaiting it. From now on, the icons showing the connectors will indicate whether the cable is attached or whether you need to have a charging cable. This is valuable information, especially for new electric car drivers who are less comfortable with recharging.

There are now two Type 2 connectors in the list. The first, without an attached cable, is the one that plugs in on the terminal side and requires a suitable cable to charge your vehicle. The second, connects to the vehicle with an attached cable, very often for an accelerated or fast charge.

We also took this opportunity to add a new connector specific to Tesla Superchargers. Its presence now allows Tesla owners to view only Superchargers, while owners of other vehicles will be able to choose not to display them in their search.

These changes will make your searches easier and are in preparation for a future development of ChargeMap that will allow you to filter only those outlets that are compatible with your car.

Don’t hesitate to tell us in the comments what you think about this development!

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Fred Hahn
Fred Hahn
17 October 2017 14 h 35 min

Since the update I cannot find the button for the filtering anymore. Where is it ?

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