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IONITY: the new rate applicable to Chargemap Pass customers explained

From 31 January 2020, the network IONITY is changing its pricing scheme, and Chargemap has no choice but to adapt its new rates. This situation requires some explanation.

The IONITY network, which has set up over 200 high-power charging stations in Europe, has decided to overhaul its pricing structure. Charging was previously invoiced at a set public price of €8 per charge, but is now billed at €0.79 per kilowatt hour (kWh) when conducted via the IONITY mobile site.

This corresponds to a significant rise in price, meaning that a 50 kWh charge has now increased from €8 to €39.50.

As for Chargemap Pass customers, they will pay €0.89 per kWh, i.e. €0.10 more than the already high public price. This difference in price corresponds to Chargemap’s margin, which is an absolute necessity to cover our operating costs.

Chargemap and IONITY have been partners for a long time and our Chargemap Pass holders carry out a large number of charges on IONITY’s network every month. We have entered negotiations with IONITY to find a better deal for our customers. However, no agreement has been found to date so that Chargemap members can benefit from rates below €0.89 per kWh. We deplore this situation.

We understand IONITY’s need to balance their costs with a pricing scheme that allows them to uphold the network’s financial future and fund its development. We understand the need to increase rates in order to continue offering the quality service acknowledged by our users.

However, we deplore the fact that this increase in pricing does not take into account their partners’ distribution costs.

We believe that it is important that charging networks like IONITY should be aware that mobility operators like Chargemap are an essential link in their networks’ profitability. By refusing to sell charges at special rates for mobility operators, they are automatically increasing the cost of charging for their partners’ customers.

It is not fair that the customers should pay top prices when they travel.

As a mobility operator, Chargemap undeniably provides added value to networks like IONITY:

  • Enhancing the visibility of their charging stations viewed by a near 450,000-strong community of electrical vehicle drivers across Europe;
  • A greater number of charges conducted on their networks by Chargemap Pass holders;
  • Top quality user support services by email and by phone for Chargemap Pass customers;
  • Billing and payment collection, with the guarantee of receiving payment for each charge carried out with the Chargemap Pass;
  • Access to the Chargemap Operator software, giving them access to user comments and the grades awarded by customers, which in turn helps to optimise maintenance and the quality of service on their network.

Unfortunately, the price at which IONITY sells its charges to Chargemap does not allow us to pass on a price under €0.89 per kWh to our Chargemap Pass customers. We are an independent company and are not in a position to forego the margin required to cover our operating costs.

We shall continue to discuss matters with IONITY to find a more reasonable rate for the Chargemap community, in the hope that the pricing policy of this network financed in part by the European Union will develop along positive lines.

While our ambition with the Chargemap Pass is to help charging networks make their infrastructures profitable in order to speed up their development, we are battling every day to be able to offer our community of 450,000 users a fair price.

Our thanks to all the networks who have understood and support our strategy. We firmly hope that IONITY will adhere to this movement in the very near future.

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