Jaguar chooses Chargemap to access to public charging points

During the “Paris Motorshow”, Chargemap and Jaguar announced their partnership for the charging of the brand new I-PACE, the first all-electric Jaguar vehicle. The car manufacturer will supply a “Jaguar special edition” Chargemap Pass to their French customers.

Jaguar French customers will be given a “Jaguar special edition” Chargemap Pass when their I-PACE will be delivered. This Chargemap Pass will give them access to more than 23,000 public charging points throughout France and Europe.

The Chargemap Pass that customers will receive from Jaguar will be credited with €50 charging credit, which can be used on every charging stations officially compatible. These stations can be easily located thanks to the Chargemap mobile app.

The Jaguar Chargemap Pass special edition in front of the new I-PACE, Jaguar first all-electric vehicle.

To make life easier for their customers, Jaguar is also collaborating with Chargemap for a map gathering all charging stations which will be directly available on all European Jaguar websites.

Bénédicte Bohbot, Electric Vehicles Manager at Jaguar France:

“The launch of the I-PACE marks a turning point in Jaguar’s history; we are now focusing more and more on electric motors. We aim to make it easier for our customers to charge their vehicles on public charging stations by working with Chargemap, which has for years set a standard of service acknowledged by drivers of electric vehicles.”

Yoann Nussbaumer, CEO of Chargemap:

“The whole Chargemap team is honoured to be working with a brand as prestigious as Jaguar, and we are delighted to be helping Jaguar customers to charge their vehicles, both in France and Europe.”


Find out more about the new Jaguar I-Pace.

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Tony Narmont
Tony Narmont
16 November 2018 18 h 47 min

What is the charge rate Jaguar will charge at and how long to fill,?

De Zonnebank
De Zonnebank
17 November 2018 12 h 48 min

cool! How about the Netherlands? I think chargemap is an excellent platform and needs some partners in NL to fill the map with all chargers. Happy to help!

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