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Mobile app: what’s new in February 2019

Over the last few weeks, our Chargemap teams have been focussing on improving the detail screens. Our aim? To make consulting charging stations easier and faster for you.


Previewing charging stations is now more efficient

The previewing map has been specially optimised to cut down on the number of times you have to switch between the map and the detail screens.

With this goal in mind, our Chargemap developers have highlighted two major actions: “GPS” and “Check-in”. They are both now far more user-friendly and accessible, without you having to consult the charging station’s detail screen.

This is just the first step among many future enhancements that will making previewing even more efficient.

This is why the postal address has been relocated in the detail screen, thereby freeing up space for more useful information in the future, such as connector occupation status and opening times.


A more intuitive menu

The menu bringing together all the main functions of the detail screen was shunned by users. But we have completely overhauled it. You can now send your photos and comments directly and suggest changes for a charging pool via the new icon menu (1), neatly positioned in the upper section of the detail screen.

The main “GPS” and “Check-in” actions (2) are within easy reach of your thumb at the bottom of the screen. In other words – they are located in exactly the same position as on the preview screen.


More details on connectors

The connectors have also undergone a makeover (1). The number of parking spaces has been removed as it was hardly ever used, and the charging station model has been relocated into the connector’s detail screen. All we’ve kept are the authentication modes and compatible badges (2), deemed to be more useful.

When the pool is compatible with the Chargemap Pass, this leaves more space visually for details on Chargemap rates — which, as you may remember, can vary depending on the connectors.

Each connector now has its own detail screen – simply touch the screen to post up full information about each connector (model, type of current, voltage, amperage etc.).

Ever open to suggestions

These upgrades to the detail screen are just a beginning. More are on the way, so don’t forget to follow the Chargemap news bites!

And keep helping us improve your Chargemap apps by sending us suggestions via the Chargemap forms. Each constructive criticism is a stepping stone towards absolute efficiency!


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