Mobile update: highways only new filter, details improvements, and much more…

Our mobile applications have just been updated. It provides many small improvements which enhance the daily routine of EV drivers!

First news: a new filter has been released. It allows you to only display charging stations on highways. A useful option for thoses who doesn’t want to exit highways to charge and therefore optimise their trip.

Second news: we updated charging stations’ details sheet. Chargemap Pass’ rates are now highlighted on the top of the sheet.

The Chargemap support button is now well integrated (feature restricted to Chargemap Pass’ customers on compatible charging stations).

As a reminder, Chargemap Assistance must be used only in case of issues encountered while you’re charging on a stations using the Chargemap Pass, other issues (invoicing, Pass activations…) can be discussed through emails.

We also implemented a new section entitled « operational message » for a whole charging network, for example in case of general breakdown noticed. It allows us to immediately inform everyone when an issue occurs.

Finally, we improved the charging station display to make it clearer and more readable.

Third news: we implemented Smartlock on Android and Safari and credential sharing on iOS. It allows to be instantly logged in the application if you previously logged in the website.

By the way, the « Other » tab has been changed so that you may now find help and social medias in a easier way.

In order to enjoy all theses improvements, download now the latest release of our mobile applications!

If you want to thank our developers, rate the application with 5 stars on the App Store or Google Play and leave a nice comment 😉


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