Chargemap mobile app: make way for the route planner

Like every month, the Chargemap mobile app continues to be upgraded. The latest version introduces a significant change – the map search feature has been reworked and the route planner – revamped in parallel – is now accessible via a dedicated section.

The route planner is a feature much-loved by our regular Chargemap app users – but we must admit it was not particularly eye-catching and hard to access. We realised that new users sometimes completely zapped the app, even though it is an essential feature when preparing long journeys in an electric vehicle.

We have reworked the main map by integrating the search box in the top slot on the screen. This means new users can’t miss it and you can quickly and efficiently trigger off your search.

The search box is now located in the top slot of the screen.


Another major difference is that we have placed the route planner in a separate tab. The main advantage of this feature is that you can now conduct a search on the main map without losing the route you were already setting up. You can also set various search filters on the map and the routes. It may not seem to be a big deal, but give it a go and you’ll see just how practical it is!

The route planner has its own separated tab in the main menu.

The “modify” function allows to adjust your route’s settings.

We also took the opportunity to simplify the navigation bar between the different app sections and we have integrated items from the “Other” screen into the screen in the “Account” tab – which has also benefited from a make-over.

These user-friendly changes are the first step in implementing major upgrades for the route planner which is now the focus of our team’s energy. So stay connected…
We hope this update makes charging even simpler for you. As always, you can give our mobile team a boost by clocking up a 5-star rating for the Chargemap app on App Store and Google Play – it really does help us! 🙂


Translation from French: Helen Schnelzauer-Sontage
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Dag Thuen
Dag Thuen
16 October 2019 19 h 11 min

I can no longer open the app after the update.

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