New map icons for greater clarity

Over the last few weeks, we have refined the icons displayed on the map so that you can quickly distinguish between charging stations compatible with the Chargemap Pass and the others. Here’s a brief explanation why.

Since Chargemap was launched in 2011, the icons displayed on the map have always carried the Chargemap logo as a symbol. At first, they were set against a blue background, then we introduced a set of four colours to identify charging speeds more easily, as this is a frequently asked question for our support team.

Since 2017, the logos have sported a small red or green dot denoting the availability of the charging station – when this information is uploaded to us by the station operator. This means you can instantly identify free charging stations when you conduct your search.

With Chargemap Pass developing so rapidly, it soon became necessary for users to be able to spot charging stations that can be accessed via our badge and those that can’t, or which don’t need a badge.

While regular Chargemap users understand this distinction, it was not so easy for new users. Some of them thought that as all the charging stations displayed on the map carried our logo, they were all compatible with the Pass. Unfortunately, this is not yet true and has led to frustrations that we want to avoid at all cost.

To avoid any confusion and enable the community to rapidly pinpoint the charging stations that can be used with the Pass, we have chosen to revamp our icons. From now on, the Chargemap logo is only displayed on charging stations accessible with the Chargemap Pass, while the other stations now sport a more neutral, round icon.

You can check out what these icons symbolise at any time in the map key:

On your computer:


On your smartphone:


We hope that this change will enhance your charging experience with Chargemap!


Translation from French: Helen Schnelzauer-Sontage

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