Visuals of the Chargemap mobile app - design refresh and UX improvements

Mobile app: zoom on the new station details sheet

After the improvements made on the map key and the list mode, it’s time for the charging station details sheet to go through a graphic redesign! This update is part of the visual refresh of the Chargemap application. Thanks to a more refined design, we aim to offer you a smoother browsing experience so that you can efficiently access the information you need. For the tour, it’s this way! 👇


Useful information from the preview 

A simple browsing experience starts with quick access to the most relevant information. We have selected the most useful information and brought it up to the station preview screen.

Charging access information

In addition to the address, distance, Chargemap Pass compatibility and number of connectors, you can now immediately find out the opening hours and whether the charging access is free or paid without having to open the details of each charging zone. An improvement that can save a lot of time in your search.

Screenshots of the Chargemap app with the new station details sheet preview
Preview screen of a charging area in the Chargemap app
Chargemap Pass compatible charging station (left) and free charging station (right)

Quick view of the Chargemap rates

For all compatible charging areas, rates are now available by clicking on the new blue “See rates” button. You can therefore immediately check the station charging rates with your Chargemap Pass. Like the rest of the app, the display of the prices has been revised to be as simple as possible to prevent any confusion.

Screenshot of the new display of Chargemap charging rates
New display of Chargemap charging rates

What’s new on the actual details sheet?

Photo gallery 

Thanks to the contributions of the Chargemap user community, the application has accumulated a great number of photos from the different charging points. It was thus time to rework the gallery interface: enlarged photos and smoother horizontal scrolling for even more comfort. 

Screenshot of the new Chargemap details sheet
Open details sheet – photo gallery view

Address and GPS coordinates

You’ve found a charging station on the map and you want to enter the address in your GPS application. However, your favourite navigation tool is not on the list of compatible apps offered by Chargemap. The new “Others” menu – which also includes all the possible actions you can do on the charging station – now allows you to copy the address and GPS coordinates in one tap. You can then paste the coordinates of the charging station into your favourite navigation tool!

Chargemap screenshot of the new Copy Address and GPS coordinates features
Copy address and GPS coordinates feature accessible from the “Others” menu

Network score

We also decided to add the score given to the network, as yet another reliability indicator.  It corresponds to the average of the reviews left on all the network charging stations

Screenshot showing the addition of the average score of the charging network
Average rating of a charging network in the “Info” tab of a charging area

Increased browsing comfort

Clearer information hierarchy

In general, Chargemap designers have tried to remove any visual clutter from the interface to allow you to quickly browse through the charging station information. Like the map key and list mode, each family of information is now grouped together in a white insert on a grey background, making it more readable and pleasant to scroll through.

Say hello to the swipe!

One of the key improvements in this update is the navigation between the different tabs of the details sheet. Instead of the initial long single page, the tabs are now divided into distinct pages that can be accessed by swiping your fingers left or right

Swipe to navigate between the tabs of a station details sheet

Of course, you can still access the tabs by tapping on them, but the swipe is very handy.

That’s it for this new series of ergonomic improvements of the Chargemap app. 

☝️ Don’t forget to update your app!

While waiting for the next wave of new mobile features, we hope these will help make your charging experience more comfortable and peaceful. As usual, don’t hesitate to share your comments and impressions with us. They will, in turn, be used to guide future improvements!

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