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New: the charging receipt by email

With the variety of rates applied by the charging networks it isn’t always easy to track the actual cost of a charge. To give you a clearer picture, Chargemap is launching the charging receipt by email from today.

From now on, a charging receipt will be sent to you every time you charge using your Chargemap Pass. It provides a summary of the charging data (duration, energy consumption, charging location) and how much it cost. The cost is calculated on the basis of the data provided and the Chargemap rate at the time of charging.

Please note that we send you the email as soon as Chargemap receives the charging data from the network. More often than not, the receipt will be sent to you within an hour of charging, but in some cases it may take a few days to reach you. This time lapse is totally dependent on the operator of the charging station you used.

invoice chargemap charge receiptChargemap Charging receipt example


The charging receipt is not an invoice. As usual, all your charging will be listed on a single invoice issued at the beginning of the month following Chargemap’s reception of the charging data. Here again, an email alert informs you when your invoice is available.

With this new feature, you’ll find it so much easier to keep tabs on your energy consumption. And you can also check out all the charges carried out with your Chargemap Pass at any time directly on your account via the website or the Chargemap mobile app.

We would like to thank our users who regularly give us feedback and suggestions to improve the services offered by the Chargemap Pass. Other features of this type are scheduled for the coming months with the aim of making your charging experience ever easier!


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Photo by Andrew Roberts on Unsplash
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Mrs Joyce Healey
Mrs Joyce Healey
26 October 2019 9 h 17 min

Don’t understand we don’t use charge map where’s this£10 come from

j barnes
j barnes
26 October 2019 14 h 28 min

This is an example!

j barnes
j barnes
26 October 2019 14 h 37 min

A good idea by Chargemap. – but I have another for Chargemap and others to pursue.
In most if not all European countries at a petrol / diesel station the price of fuel must be displayed outside the station as well as on the pumps. The same system could be adopted, probably under government or European control / legislation, for all charging points. They should show: cost of connection, cost of charge per kwh for the power / rapidity of charge – and any other cost information a consumer might wish to know before commencing the charge.

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