Implementation of service fees on EV charges using the Chargemap Pass

In the past few days, Chargemap has introduced services fees on charging using the Chargemap Pass. The reflexion behind this change is explained below.

Since the launch of the Chargemap Pass in June 2017, we have billed vehicle charging at the same prices we are charged by the operators, to the nearest cent. We felt that during the early stages of our service, with limited charging taking place, we could cover our customers’ service fees.

Since the first day, we have explained on our Pass information page and on our online help that a starting fee would be set at a later date. This has now been implemented.

With more than 65 charging networks connected in one year and a huge increase of the charging amount, we are no longer able to cover our costs without applying a commission on charging.

What do these service fees cover?

Every time a customer charges using their Pass, Chargemap covers the following costs:

  • The price of the charge, as billed to Chargemap by the charging operator.
  • The cost of the computer connection to the operator. This connection can be made directly or through a roaming platform (Gireve/Hubject/e-Clearing) that charges for its services.
  • Bank charges, which apply to every deposit.
  • Support costs: these are the people who are there to help by phone or email 7 days a week, from 7:00 to 22:00.

Not to mention the expenses associated with the company itself and the 13 employees who are currently working to expand Chargemap.

The service fees will allow us to cover these expenses.

How much are these service fees?

The service fees are billed as a starting fee. They only apply from the second minute of effective charging, to avoid billing for unsuccessful charges.

You can find the fees displayed on the information sheet of each Chargemap pass compatible charging point. This information is available on the website as well as on our mobile applications.

The amount of the service fees varies, depending primarily on the type of connection we have with the charging operator. When we are directly connected to the operator, they are lower. When we go through an intermediary, the fees are higher.

These intermediaries, such as roaming platforms, allow us to rapidly connect many charging networks with a single technical link and a simpler contract.

They allow us to connect to networks that do not permit direct connection or that do not have the right infrastructure.

Are you the only ones who charge service fees?

No, all charging operators charge service fees in a more or less transparent manner. Some of them include it in the charging price, while others offer an annual subscription. All mobility operators have to absorb these costs.

Will these fees change?

Our goal is to work with charging networks and roaming platforms to reduce our costs, especially through volume purchasing.

The more widespread the Chargemap Pass becomes, the lower the service fees may become. Our goal is to continue to offer the best charging rates to everyone, without subscription fees and with the best possible service.


Chargemap was created to offer electric vehicle drivers stress-free charging wherever they go. This has been our team’s mission since 2011.

Our vision is to offer a single mobile application to find charging stations and a single mean of access for all charging stations.

We want to introduce customers to charging networks to help them make the most of their infrastructure and improve their quality of service. Based on the feedback we have received from charging networks, Chargemap is now the leading provider of traffic to roaming-enabled networks in France, contributing to the increase in the number of charging networks and their funding.

We understand that introducing service fees will not be the most popular decision in the Chargemap community, and we have hesitated for a long time to implement them. Their introduction may have been somehow clumsy, but this change is necessary for the sustainability and development of our services.

We hope that this explanation will allow you to understand the issues Chargemap is striving to overcome in order to offer you the best charging service.

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