Recharge d'un véhicule électrique e-niro Chargemap sur une borne Freshmile

The Chargemap Pass is compatible with all Freshmile charging stations

The Freshmile charging network has been accessible to Chargemap Pass users since 2017. Today, we are pleased to be stepping up our collaboration with Freshmile by introducing a direct link. Let’s go over this new phase together.


What is a direct link?

Up until now, access to Freshmile charging stations with the Chargemap badge passed through a roaming platform. To go that extra mile, Chargemap and Freshmile services are now directly linked via an open protocol called OCPI (Open Charge Point Interface). Without going into the technical details, what this means is that we no longer have to go through a roaming platform.

Better quality of service

In concrete terms, by eliminating the middleman, we are in a position to offer a higher quality service and therefore improve our users’ charging experience

Firstly, updates such as the addition of new Freshmile charging stations on Chargemap are faster and more reliable. Secondly, feedback on any difficulties encountered by Chargemap Pass users on Freshmile charging stations goes through the right channels more efficiently.


Access to 7,000 Freshmile charging points with your Chargemap Pass 

All in all, our partnership with Freshmile provides Chargemap Pass holders with access to 7,000 charging points throughout France.

The Freshmile network is mainly made up of fast charging stations with a power rating of 22 kW but also some rapid charging stations. Consult all the Freshmile charging stations on Chargemap and filter the map so that only those you are interested in are displayed.

Arnaud Mora, CEO of Freshmile and Yoann Nussbaumer, CEO of Chargemap

The Chargemap team is delighted with these developments in our partnership with Freshmile. As ever, please don’t hesitate to share your charging experience on the  Chargemap app. Your comments, check-ins and other snippets of information really help our community and contribute to improving the ecosystem overall

Happy to charging to you all!

And if you haven’t already done so,

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