Recharge d'une Nissan Leaf sur une borne du réseau Nissan

You can now charge on the Nissan network with the Chargemap Pass

Chargemap is pleased to announce that you can now plug into Nissan’s rapid charging station network with your Chargemap Pass. What’s more, this is one of our very first partner networks to offer a direct link. Let’s take a closer look at this exceptional partnership.


Which charging points are covered?

The charging stations on the Nissan network, monitored by the operator E55C, are opening up to the Chargemap Pass. They are located at a number of Nissan dealers across France.

As you can see on the map, the Nissan network boasts a significant number of charging stations throughout France. To date, only a few of these charging points have been opened up to roaming. However, the carmaker is aiming to develop roaming rapidly across its network

As with other charging stations compatible with the Chargemap Pass, the charging stations on the Nissan network accessible via your badge can be quickly spotted thanks to the Chargemap compatibility icon. To make life easier, don’t forget to use the filter function to spot them at a glance!

Use the network filter (available on Chargemap Plus) to only display the Nissan network for example

The charging stations set up by the Nissan network at their dealers’ premises offer rapid charging with a maximum rating of 50 kW. For the time being, they are equipped with a Chademo connector compatible with Japanese EVs in particular, such as the Nissan Leaf. Nissan nonetheless plans to equip all the charging stations on its network with two connectors by 2022: Chademo and Combo CCS

As ever, think about consulting the information on Chargemap on a regular basis. Updates are constantly being posted.

The benefits for Chargemap Pass holders

The major asset of this collaboration is the direct link between Chargemap and Nissan. In concrete terms, this means that no roaming platform is involved and so the middleman is cut out

Competitive pricing

Pricing is the issue that raises everyone’s hackles – especially when it comes to rapid charging. Well, not this time. We are delighted to announce that charging costs with the Chargemap Pass are identical to the Nissan rates, i.e. 25 cents per minute

A reliable service that’s on the ball

Cutting out the middleman also means a more efficient and more easily managed update dynamic. By collaborating in close cooperation with partner networks like Nissan, we can act faster and give feedback on problems encountered by our users more efficiently. This contributes to improving the ecosystem, and further increasing the reliability of charging via the Chargemap badge overall.

Chargemap is delighted that Nissan has joined the club of partner networks. And we extend our thanks to them for this fruitful cooperation! We are actively working on setting up more direct links with other networks. We will keep you posted as further developments unfold. 😉

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