Electric car charging at a Chargemap Pass compatible charging station

New Chargemap Pass charging stations in France and Poland

This month, Chargemap Pass compatible stations have 2 additional charging networks. You can now use your Chargemap Pass to charge at 188 new charging points in France and Poland.


🇫🇷 New charging stations in France

The Chargemap Pass was already one of the compatible badges enabling access to most of the charging stations in the Métropole Rouen Normandie (CREA) network. Now, all the charging points on the network are compatible with your Chargemap Pass, which represents 124 charging points.

CREA charging pools are spread throughout the metropolis and offer 3.7 kW slow charging stations and, in most cases, 22 kW fast charging stations.

🇵🇱 Chargemap Pass compatible charging stations in Poland

We are very pleased to announce one of the first Chargemap Pass compatible networks in Poland. In fact, it is a country where Chargemap is still little present. You can now access 64 new charging points on the Polish EV Plus network that are compatible with your Chargemap Pass

The network’s charging stations are mainly located in the north-western part of the country. On site, you can find 22 kW fast charging stations and 50 kW rapid charging stations.

If you are a new electric vehicle driver or simply want to learn more about charging, Chargemap offers you a number of educational articles. Master the art of charging and learn about charging power and time, types of connectors and the anatomy of a charging station.

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  • support an independent company of 18 people committed to making electric vehicle charging simple and sustainable.

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