Station de recharge Innogy compatible avec le Chargemap Pass

13,000 new charge points compatible with the Chargemap Pass

Spring is here – and network connections are blossoming at Chargemap. This April, 7 new charging station networks spread throughout Europe (Germany, Austria, the Netherlands…) are now compatible with the Chargemap Pass. So let’s all pile in for a quick road trip round our European neighbours.


Charging stations compatible with the Chargemap Pass in Germany 

The Compleo charging network (Ex Innogy)

🇩🇪 Our e-tour starts off in Germany with our first charging stop on the Compleo network ⚡️ With your Chargemap card, you can now charge on all Compleo Charging Technologies charge points (formerly Innogy). This represents no less than 9,816 charge points spread out virtually all over Germany. 

The Compleo network offers mainly fast charging stations delivering a power rating of up to 22 kW. You can also find rapid charging stations (Combo CCS and Chademo) with a maximum power rating usually set at 50 kW. 

The E.ON Drive charging network

Our German road trip continues with a top-up stop at charging stations on the E.ON Drive network. Your Chargemap Pass now gives you access to 2,320 E.ON Drive charge points mostly located in the North and West of Germany.

Salzburg AG: 700 charge points accessible in Austria 

🇦🇹 Let’s pop over Germany’s border with Austria and steer in the direction of Salzburg. The network of the Austrian energy provider Salzburg AG has connected 700 charge points with the services offered by Chargemap. 

Once again, the charging stations on the network mainly offer fast charging at a rate of 22 kW. They are located in Salzburg itself and the surrounding region.

Other networks in France, Romania and the Netherlands

Finally, here are some French, Romanian and Dutch network charging stations added this month:

🇫🇷 E-Totem SUA : 21 charge points
🇫🇷 Interparking (attached to Total Energies) : 27 charge points
🇷🇴 PlugPoint : 8 charge points
🇳🇱 Robocharge Network : 7 charge points

We hope you will have the opportunity of charging your EV on one of these new networks. More than ever, the Chargemap team continues to develop new direct connections everywhere in Europe 🔗 

If one of your favourite networks is still not on the list of networks compatible with the Chargemap Pass, please let us know in the comments 👇 We will pass the information on to our team so that they can contact the network and try to establish a connection ⚡️

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Klaus Heide
Klaus Heide
15 April 2022 18 h 04 min

Thanks for your latest update, it is highly appreciated. It would be nice to know if the E.ON charge stations in Denmark are included and accessible on the Chargemap network.

Richard Thompson
Richard Thompson
20 April 2022 21 h 25 min

Any chance of Chargemap services being available for use in Spain and/or Portugal?
We are planning a tour of both countries and finding it difficult to obtain a charge card that is compatible with multi suppliers.

26 April 2022 11 h 57 min

Try Miio in Portugal. (Am planning a Portugal trip and will use their App fir charging charging account) It seems pretty straightforward to register on their website and App. It is supposed to work on every charger in Portugal regardless of the network… Only strange thing is that it asked for a VAT or tax number (I just put in UK tax ID number not my National Insurance nbr and that sufficed. You can top up your account with a credit card whenever you need . They show you EXACT variable cost of electricity over next 24 hours by the hour! – very advanced!

27 April 2022 22 h 03 min
Reply to  Oliver

I have downloaded and registered with Miiotoday. Have tried ordering a RIFD card but won’t advance past ordering and address, so will try again or contact them if no success.

Mark Waters
Mark Waters
18 June 2022 21 h 38 min

Is there a single up to date list of all the european networks that the Chargemap pass is compatible with? I’m planning to be driving in France, Italy and Greece in August…

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