Woman charges her ev at Tesla Supercharger with Chargemap

Charge on the Tesla Supercharger network with the Chargemap Pass

Chargemap has become the first platform to be compatible with the Tesla Supercharger network. A connection to stations located in France soon to be expanded across Europe. From finding a compatible Supercharger to managing your invoice, enjoy a simple, direct experience at Tesla Superchargers with your Chargemap Pass.


Launching the connection between Chargemap and the Tesla Supercharger network

Connection Tesla supercharger and Chargemap

Owners of a Tesla or any other electric vehicle can now use their Chargemap Pass charging card to plug into Tesla Supercharger rapid charging network. To start with, only stations in France have been connected up. However, Chargemap Pass compatibility will soon be expanded to all Tesla Superchargers open to all drivers in the rest of Europe.

How to charge at Tesla Superchargers with the Chargemap Pass

Locating a compatible Tesla Supercharger on Chargemap

Filter Chargemap Pass compatible Tesla Supercharger

To locate Tesla charging stations that are compatible with the Chargemap Pass in a jiffy, simply log into the filters on your Chargemap app. Activate the “Chargemap Pass compatible” filter then click on “Only selected networks” and add the Tesla Supercharger network.

When you return to the map, you will now see all the Tesla Superchargers open to all where you can charge with your Chargemap Pass.

Experience direct charging on the Tesla Supercharger network

Unlike the other networks compatible with Chargemap, you don’t need to badge physically to start a charging session on the Tesla Supercharger network. Everything is done via the Tesla mobile app:

Download Tesla app

Start by installing the Tesla app on your mobile phone and create an account.

Make sure you have the latest Tesla app version and set your country as France when you create your account.
This solution will allow you to use your Chargemap Pass at French Tesla Superchargers if you’re located outside of France. We will keep you informed as soon as the connection is opened in your country 🙂

Add Chargemap Pass in Tesla app

In your Tesla account, go to “Wallet” on iOS and “Charging” > “Manage payment” on Android to add your Chargemap Pass as a method of payment.

Validate link Chargemap Pass to Tesla Supercharger

Confirm your link with your Pass in the verification email sent by Chargemap.

Charge at Tesla Superchargers with Chargemap Pass

You can now charge at Superchargers with your Chargemap Pass via the Tesla app.

Enjoy simplified, all-in-one billing with Chargemap

Manage Tesla charges and invoices in Chargemap app

Using just one account, you can access your charging history and easily manage your budget via the Pass tab on your Chargemap app. Every month, you receive an invoice for all the charging operations conducted with your Chargemap Pass.

How much does it cost to charge at Tesla Superchargers using the Chargemap Pass?

For a limited period, charging sessions conducted at Tesla Superchargers via your Chargemap Pass will be billed at the same rate as Tesla’s own rate. Tesla rates change frequently, so think about checking them out each time you want to plug in on the details page available for each charging station on the Chargemap app.

You should also note that Tesla applies idle fees when a fully charged EV remains plugged into a Supercharger. For further information, go to the relevant page on the Tesla website.

We are dying to receive your first feedback on charging at Tesla Superchargers with your Chargemap Pass ⚡️

Benefit from an optimum experience on the Tesla Supercharger network
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Bob yates
Bob yates
5 March 2023 12 h 46 min

I cannot get my chargemap card into the Tesla app. I can only add credit card. Any suggestions..

5 March 2023 18 h 58 min

En IOS no funciona tal como lo describís. En Wallet sólo me sale la tarjeta que tengo configurada para mi pago a Tesla y el Apple Payj y si le doy a “Add” sale un desplegable con tres opciones: Add credit card, Add SEPA y Add Wire Details y en ninguna de estas tres se puede indicar lis datos de mi tarjeta Chargemap.

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