How does Chargemap help networks to improve their services?

The EV market is growing apace. Charging infrastructures are following the movement, but the facts are undeniable: the number of charging stations out of order is far too high. In the face of this situation, Chargemap has developed a tool to help charging infrastructure operators to upgrade the quality of their networks: Chargemap Operator.


What is Chargemap Operator?

Chargemap Operator has arisen from a determination to re-position the user at the heart of charging station management. This service is proposed to all charging infrastructure operators who request it. The aim is straightforward: to create a direct link between the network and the end-user. This makes it much easier to monitor charging stations, and the quality of the network and the charging experience are significantly enhanced.


A tool to enhance the quality of charging infrastructures

Chargemap has made an interactive platform available for each compatible network. This means they have access to feedback about their charging infrastructures from the Chargemap community. It goes without saying that no personal data about the user is communicated to the operator.

When charging stations are out of order or in a poor condition, the manager is informed and can act accordingly. A real time-saver that can then be acted on, thereby ensuring more efficient infrastructure maintenance.

The tool is interactive insofar as the network operator can communicate directly with end-users by answering the comments made by the community in the Chargemap app. This feature, already in use on leading networks, eliminates the middleman and sets up a closer operator-user relationship.


Fire up your Chargemap app!

For this tool to be really helpful, users must, of course, contribute.
How? Simply by logging information about the charging stations you use into the Chargemap app. Check-ins, photos and comments are all vital information that can be communicated to the charging station managers.

The very existence of this tool is based on the experiences shared by the Chargemap community every day. Every time you top up your EV with the Chargemap Pass and use the app, you are providing information that’s useful both for other drivers and the networks. So if you give us feedback when you encounter a charging problem, your voice is heard and your comment goes right up to the source as long as the network accesses the tool.


Chargemap would like to thank all community members who use the Chargemap app on a daily basis. There’s room for improvement for charging infrastructures and it’s only through helping each other out that we can get things moving forwards. Stay connected! 🔌😉

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