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Charging at Tesla Superchargers - Benoît and his experience with the Chargemap Pass

Newly retired Benoît and his wife criss-cross France on board their recently acquired first electric car. From the outset, they have put their trust in Tesla Superchargers and Chargemap for stress-free charging on long trips. In this testimonial, our newbie EV drivers share their reassuring experience with you.


Good practices adopted by Benoît to enter the world of e-mobility 

The three steps towards becoming a true EV driver

With their ecological mind-set, it was well and truly time for Benoît and his wife to adopt a sustainable car. First and foremost came his decision to “invest in a solar-powered charging station to fuel my car on a daily basis”

The second step was to opt for an electric vehicle adapted to Benoît’s modest budget and capable of persuading his wife to go electric.

The final step to becoming a true EV driver – choosing the right travelling companion! Our novice e-mobility enthusiast opted for the Chargemap app to guide him through charging on the road.

Discovering charging applications 

It was the social media, YouTube and especially conversations with other users that led Benoît to the Chargemap platform. His first impressions? “Chargemap is especially renowned for its extensive coverage of charging stations and that gives you plenty of flexibility when you travel.” Thanks to his car dealer, he received a Chargemap Pass at the same time as his EV.

Benoît and his wife were now all set to tackle their first long journey – and what a challenge! The Pyrenees to St Malo. “A crazy adventure! And yet, not really – everything was just fine,” he tells us. Indeed, from the outset, Benoît placed his bets on Tesla Superchargers, having noted that “Chargemap has made great efforts to be compatible with this charging network” so that users can travel hassle-free in their EV.

The Chargemap Pass and Tesla Superchargers – the safe option

Connection Tesla supercharger and Chargemap

“We travelled nearly 5,000 km and encountered zero problems,” Benoît tells us. For him, matching up Tesla Superchargers and Chargemap is the bona fide way of soothing away any worries new EV drivers might have.

Planning, prioritising and charging – that’s all you need!

prioritising the chargemap pass and the tesla supercharger network in the chargemap route planner

Before charging at Tesla Superchargers with the Chargemap Pass on a long journey, you first of all need to plan your route. Having compared several applications, Benoît decided “the Chargemap route planner is perfect for users who are looking for simplicity and efficiency”. In the planner settings, he always prioritises the Chargemap Pass charging card and the Tesla Supercharger network when he is setting up his journey so he can find a route that meets his expectations.

Once you arrive at the charging station, you just need to open the Tesla app which guides you through your charging session at Tesla Superchargers using the Chargemap Pass as your means of payment. “You plug in, and 20 minutes later you’re at 90%. Just the right time for a coffee break!” Benoît confirms on the topic of the charging speed of Tesla Superchargers.

Et voilà! Benoît and his wife benefit from quick, easy charging on the Tesla Supercharger network with their Chargemap Pass. And this is the only card they need to charge wherever they want to. 

Another advantage they appreciate is the fact that the charging sessions are invoiced on a monthly basis. “It’s easy to keep a tab on your budget and monthly consumption. We can also check the details for each charging session and its cost.”

100% reliable and safe

charging a non-tesla ev at tesla superchargers

Charging at Tesla Superchargers with the Chargemap Pass was the ideal solution for Benoît and his wife to feel safe and reassured on their journey as newbie EV drivers.

In their opinion, “Tesla has the most reliable network for long-distance driving” compared to other networks they have tested out. It is perfectly adapted to their long trips – “When we are travelling long distances, we don’t want to take the slightest risk.”

The deciding factor – “The stations are sometimes located off the motorway, but they are really convenient”. Perfect for peaceful charging away from overcrowded motorway service areas. And the Tesla app has the added advantage of providing the real-time availability of the charging points!

One last piece of advice for all EV drivers

Benoît noticed that “Chargemap’s suggestions are even more efficient when you add your network preferences.” By prioritising Tesla Superchargers in the filters, he optimised the route suggested by the Chargemap route planner. A habit that Benoît has now adopted for every trip.

And what about you? Do you appreciate charging at Tesla Superchargers with the Chargemap Pass? Please don’t hesitate to tell us all about your own experience in the comments!

Benefit from an optimum experience on the Tesla Supercharger network
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