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Long trip by electric car – your checklist for carefree travelling

People can be divided into two categories: those who draw up checklists before going on holiday, and those who should have done so 🙃 To help you on your way, we are sharing the Chargemap checklist with you so you can set off on your holidays by EV stress-free.


Is your electric car made for a long holiday trip? 

These days you can embark on a long trip by electric car without any problems thanks to the range of ever more high-performance electric cars and the increasingly density of the charging point network. Today, many EV models can cover over 300 miles (up to 500 km) without requiring a charge on the way. However, if your EV is equipped with a small battery (< 50 kWh) and therefore has a low range, you may have to rethink your journey.

Beyond the question of range, you should also be aware of your EV’s charging capacity before taking off on a long trip requiring several charging stops. Consult our article on charging capacity and charging times to find out more. 

Having said all that, everything depends on what you want and how you picture your journey! Like Joëlle or Michel and Marie-Hélène tell us on board their Renault Zoe, travelling long distances with a low-range EV is absolutely feasible – as long as you travel in the right frame of mind. For them, one thing is sure – the journey is definitely part and parcel of the holiday and an open invitation to explore the surrounding area 🏞️

Your special EV holiday checklist

checklist of things not to forget before long trip by electric car

To help take the stress out of driving behind the wheel of your EV, we have concocted a checklist of what not to forget. So, without more ado, let’s get down to the nub. 

☑️ Kit yourself out with charging cables

EV charging cables to have during a long trip

Rapid charging stations, which you usually find on motorways, necessarily have a charging cable tethered to the station. However, you will need to use your own charging cable to plug in at all types of slow and fast charging stations. So don’t forget to bring at least one charging cable with you to keep your options open.

Among all the charging connectors available, the Type 2 connector is the European standard for AC (alternating current) charging and is therefore the one you find most frequently on the road. The Mister EV online store proposes a broad range of charging equipment compatible with your EV, including Type 2 charging cables.

What’s more, it can also prove useful to carry a charging cable for domestic sockets in the boot of your car. This again will broaden your horizons in terms of charging your EV during your holidays.

☑️ Get yourself a multi-network charging card

EV charging card for holidays

If you are planning a long trip by electric car and you haven’t yet plumped for a charging card, this is your sign to take that step. Thinking ahead on this topic will free you up from stress throughout your journey and when you arrive at your destination. 

To choose the best charging card for your needs, the following two points should top your list of priorities:

  • It should cover a broad range of charging stations so you can always rely on a back-up plan on your journey and at your holiday destination.
  • The charging card should be compatible with the most efficient charging networks – especially if you are driving on motorways.

The Chargemap Pass charging card gives you access to over 350,000 charging points across Europe. You can charge stress-free on over 800 networks, including the Tesla Supercharger network, Ionity, Fastned and Allego, to name but a few.

☑️ Plan your EV charging stops along your route ahead of time

man planning a long trip in an electric car with chargemap

An essential step to staying Zen on your EV journey is to plan your route beforehand. The route planner accessible on the Chargemap app allows you to prepare a long trip in your EV in just a few minutes. 

planning a long trip by electric car with the chargemap route planner

Enter your preferences in the settings in terms of charging networks, minimum battery level at charging stops, avoiding toll roads etc. Taking your choices into account, the Chargemap route planner suggests the best charging stops for a quick journey.

Modifying route in the chargemap EV route planner

If you want to change a charging stop, activate the “Stations” button to browse through the charging stations available nearby. You can also add filters to find the charging points that best suit your needs (specific network, stations with the best scores, amenities in the vicinity etc.). Click on “Charge at this station” and the Chargemap route planner will recalculate the best route via the charging station you have selected.

All you have to do then is save your route so you can find it again on the day you leave!

☑️ Locate charging stations at your holiday destination (hotels, campsites, shops, etc.)

searching for charging stations on holiday

Now that you have efficiently planned your long trip by electric car, the time has come to cast an eye at the charging points available at your destination. 

If you are staying at a hotel, B&B or a campsite, you may well find charging stations available on site. Think about checking out the website of your holiday let or call them directly. 

The Chargemap app is also your best pal when it comes to instantly locating charging stations that match your needs. Browse through the map leading to your destination and use the Chargemap filters to fine-tune your search (free charging stations, compatible with the Chargemap Pass, rapid charging points etc.).

☑️ Consult the scores and reviews about the charging stations posted by the Chargemap community

Chargemap ratings and reviews on charging stations

To select the most reliable charging stations, you can count on the Chargemap community! A Chargemap system for rating charging stations and reporting back to the community has been set up to give a clearer idea of the quality of the service proposed by the charging networks listed on the Chargemap platform. 

So, when you are browsing through the charging stations, don’t forget to check them out using the “Review” tab. It will give you info about successful charges, scores, alerts and comments posted by other EV drivers.

checking ratings and reviews of the chargemap community on charging stations

⭐️ An overall rating is also allocated to each charging pool. Tap on the score to access the detailed evaluation including 4 additional criteria such as the reliability of the equipment and value for money. Thanks to the feedback from the Chargemap community, you know what to expect and can make an informed decision 💡

☑️ Check the weather forecast before your day of departure

charging electric vehicle in hot weather

Finally, one week before setting off, consult the weather forecast to keep an eye on the thermometer. If you are going on a long journey by EV during a heatwave or a cold snap in winter, you need to readjust certain factors. 

If you are travelling by electric car in hot weather this summer, here is a non-exhaustive list of tips to take on board throughout your journey:

  • Park and charge your EV in the shade as often as you can. Think about using underground carparks and shaded charging stations whenever you can.
  • Plan your charging sessions for the early morning or overnight.
  • Precondition the interior of your EV when it is plugged in so that you don’t run down the battery at the beginning of your journey.
  • Avoid sporty driving habits and apply the principles of eco-driving to optimise the range of your EV.

🚙 And what about you? Are you all in favour of getting out your checklist before travelling long distances by electric car? Are you setting off on a long trip soon for the first time? Share your experience with us in the comments. We can’t wait to read all about it! 

PS: And most important – don’t forget your ever-faithful Chargemap travelling companion 📱💙

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29 May 2023 8 h 03 min

Hey Chargemap Folks,
Thank you for the great article. It has given me a couple of things to keep in mind as we prepare for a long trip.
This summer we plan to drive from Copenhagen to the South of France in our new Nissan Ariya as a family.
It is our first big drive so let’s see how it goes.
I am a little concerned about the small villages in south France. In am glad we have our Chargemap card with us at least.

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