Reporting information to the chargemap community

The Chargemap app now makes it even easier to report information to the community

In the same vein as the revamped Chargemap rating system, our team has redesigned the way you can report information to the community. The aim is to give you the tools to share and access top quality data. A malfunctioning charging station, lack of access, incorrect data or a bit of advice to share – how does this new feedback system work?


How can I report information to the Chargemap community?

Just like recording a charging session, you first need to go to “Contribute” to find the feature called “Alert the community”. You then have a choice between 4 different types of alerts. Let’s go through them together.

1. Reporting a charging station malfunction to the Chargemap community

If you are already familiar with “check-ins”, this first type of alert is the equivalent of a negative check-in where you indicated that you hadn’t manage to charge. However, the feature is now more aptly named and offers the opportunity of giving more details as to the type of malfunction at the charging station. 

After selecting the option “The station is not working properly”, you can select one of 6 reasons: 

  • Low power delivered 
  • Network unreachable or authentication impossible
  • The charging session did not start
  • Session interrupted while charging
  • Station damaged
  • Station turned off

Chargemap then invites you to indicate whether you have reported the problem encountered with the charging pool operator. 

Finally, you will be requested to evaluate the charging pool if you so wish ⭐️ and post a comment if necessary.

2. Reporting lack of access to a charging station in Chargemap

If you quite simply couldn’t access the charging station, we encourage you to give the following alert “Access to the station not possible”. Chargemap will then ask you to specify the reason why among the following options: 

  • Space occupied by a vehicle that is not charging 
  • Pool occupied entirely by charging vehicles
  • Non-public charging station (garage, company, personal, etc.)
  • Station permanently closed 
  • Station temporarily inaccessible
  • Charging not possible outside opening hours

To complete your report, you can also share any practical information in a comment.

3. Reporting incorrect data in Chargemap

If you notice that data on a charging station listed in Chargemap is inaccurate or out of date, go to “Displayed data is wrong”. You will be redirected to a form containing information about the charging pool that you can then modify. Your contribution will then be checked by our Chargemap moderators before being published. 

Just to let you know, our teams will soon be working on revamping the procedure on modifying data. The aim is to make it easier to use and more modern and user-friendly. So stay connected!

4. Sharing advice or practical information in a comment

Finally, to post a simple comment, you now need to use the “Alert the community” feature and then “Tips or info to share”.

Please note that every report (and recording of a charging session) is automatically published anonymously. You have the option of activating “Display my pseudonym” in the summary of your contribution.

Check out the reports posted by the Chargemap community and avoid unpleasant surprises

This new reporting system paves the way to a far more accessible information exchange that will benefit the entire community. So when you are choosing a charging station, don’t forget to check out the reports made by other users in the “Reviews” tab. 

The aim behind this new display screen is to be more modern and user-friendly. You can consult the most recent ratings and comments at a glance and enjoy an enhanced charging experience 🤩

🎥 To see exactly how our new Chargemap reporting system works, watch our new video on how to report a problem or share a tip in the Chargemap app:

So, what do you think about this new way of reporting information to the Chargemap community? Share your thoughts with us in the comments 👇 We are dying to know what you think and see you take these new community features 2.0 on board 💙

To test out these new features, download or update your Chargemap mobile app.

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