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Chargemap’s brand new rating system for an enhanced charging experience

The rating system for charging stations listed in Chargemap has been revamped ⭐️ Just like reporting information, it has become even easier to share your charging feedback with the community. Let us take you down discovery lane!


The Chargemap community: back to our roots

Since it was created in 2011, the Chargemap app has opened the gateway for EV drivers to exchange invaluable information on charging stations and their status. This mutual community help is the power behind Chargemap and has been a key to our development over all these years. 

Today, the Chargemap platform brings together over one and a half million drivers. To offer you the best quality charging experience possible, our teams have overhauled the Chargemap rating system.

In short, you will be able to access far more detailed information that better reflects the quality of charging stations and makes it easier to compare them. What’s more, your evaluations will contribute to improving the quality of service provided by charging networks.

Bye-bye “check-in”, hello “contribute”

Many of you will be familiar with the “check-in” feature. For information, this is a latter-day Chargemap feature that allowed users to indicate whether they had managed to charge at a charging station or not. After many years of faithful service, the term “check-in” is bowing out to make way for something more explicit.

How can I record a charging session in the Chargemap app?

You now need to go to “Contribute” and “Register a charging session” to tell the community that you are currently charging or have already successfully charged your EV at a specific charging station. Once you have recorded the charging session, you can then evaluate the charging pool and leave an extra comment. If, on the contrary, you want to report that you didn’t manage to start charging, you go to “Alert the community”

This new segmentation means you can give a more accurate context and more detailed information to reflect your charging experience more precisely. All this is done with the aim of helping other drivers make the right choice about charging stations, taking their needs and expectations into account.

Make way for the new Chargemap rating criteria 

Evaluate your charging session more precisely

When you record your charging session, you are also invited to post an evaluation to enhance your contribution. In addition to rating your experience with an overall score, you can now give further information and fine-tune your feedback via 4 new criteria. Reliability of the equipment, value for money, adequacy of the location and your impression of safety – share as many details as you can so that everyone can make up their own mind. 

👉 And if you don’t have time to rate your charging session on the same day, no worries! You have 7 days after registering your charging session to post your Chargemap rating about the charging station you plugged into. For this, the geographical restriction is over! You no longer need to be near the charging station to register and evaluate your charging session.

Access the Chargemap ratings given by other users

You can now see the average score at a glance and the number of ratings for a given charging pool posted by the community. When you tap on the stars, you access the details for each criterion making up the overall score. Taking into account your preferences and expectations, all this makes it easier for you to select the charging station you want to use. 

Please note: The score displayed for each charging pool is based on the most recent user evaluations (in the last 90 days). The total number of ratings corresponds to the total number of ratings received since the charging pool started operating. 

Automatic uploading of charging sessions using the Chargemap Pass

Exciting news for Chargemap Pass holders! If you use your Chargemap Pass to top up at a charging station, your charging session will be automatically registered.

An anonymous comment will be generated and shared with the community. This comment will be updated if you evaluate the charging area or share extra practical information afterwards. 

New presentation of the Chargemap community’s feedback

Formerly called “Community”, it is now the “Reviews” tab that brings together all the feedback from other Chargemap users.

You can discover an updated, simplified presentation of the Chargemap ratings and comments posted by the community. When a user scores their experience, you can access the details of their rating by tapping on the stars.

To make sure you benefit from reliable, up-to-date information, we only display the ratings and reviews posted over the last 90 days.

🎥 To see exactly how our new Chargemap rating system works, watch our new video on how to register and rate your charging session in the Chargemap app:

Tell us everything in the comments! What do you think about our new Chargemap rating system? Do you like this new way of displaying the community’s charging sessions in the Chargemap app? We are dying to find out what you think!

To test out the new Chargemap rating system, download or update your Chargemap mobile app.

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