Heading for your holidays: how to stay in good shape in your electric vehicle

Setting off on your holidays is always a moment of great excitement – except for the journey. That’s why Chargemap is teaming up with FizzUp to focus on the theme of well-being for your long EV journeys. Profit from a 100% free session at each charging break to loosen up and set off again refreshed.


Chargemap x FizzUp = well-being on board your EV

The feel-good factor behind the wheel is essential for stress-free travel on long journeys. In collaboration with FizzUp’s sports training app, we are proposing a concrete, physical and positive use of your breaks when you stop to charge up your electric vehicle. 

The FizzUp app offers you a series of exercises to loosen up your limbs so you can take to the road again feeling relaxed. The aim is to move your whole body from head to toe to get your blood circulating and ease stiff joints.

Two faithful allies for your long journeys

Travel the stress-free way with Chargemap

Mental well-being is just as important as your physical health. If you prepare for your journey carefully, then you won’t stress out on the road trip. 

The Chargemap route planner calculates the ideal route for you according to your EV model and your preferences. And don’t forget to pack your Chargemap Pass as it gives you access to over 600 charging networks throughout Europe.

Recharge your own batteries with FizzUp

When you stop off to charge your EV, pop into the FizzUp app for a “Pit stop” session. This quick workout lasts just 5 minutes and is available free of charge on FizzUp. It focuses on gentle movements which relax stiff muscles and recharge your own batteries while you charge up your EV 😉

Spotlight on the FizzUp workout

You should do each movement for 20 seconds. The whole workout lasts a total of 5 minutes.

Here is the full routine selected by FizzUp – and duly tried, tested and approved by the Chargemap team 🤸

Head rotation
Important for getting the neck moving and relaxing stiff neck muscles.

Shoulder warm-up
Releases tension in your trapezius muscles and between the shoulder blades.

Rotating the upper half of your body and hip swinging
These exercises relax the latissimus dorsi muscles and the lower back, especially the lumbar region, which are particularly taxed by long car journeys.

Butt kicks and knee lifts without jumping
These get the blood circulating in your legs and buttocks again after sitting down for a long time in the car. Excellent exercise for heavy legs.

This exercise focuses on the calves, the soles of the feet and ankles. Great for getting some life back into your calves and relieving heavy legs.

Arm raises
The upward movement gets the shoulders working again. This exercise also helps relax shoulder muscles stiffened up from stretching out towards the steering wheel.

Gently gets the whole body moving and targets the oblique muscles at waist height. Feeds energy back into your body.

Steps with ankle flexion
Walking on tiptoe. Ideal to get the blood circulating and stimulate nerve impulse in your legs.

The Chargemap and FizzUp teams hope you will adopt this workout routine during your long journeys by EV this summer. We wish you Bon Voyage 🚙🧘

Test the FizzUp workout

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